With the introduction of the internet and the advent of technology, booking air tickets has become much easier than before. Air travel is easy, quick and reliable and also offers you the utmost luxury and convenience. If you wish to enjoy the hassle-free journey in the lap of comfort, then make advance seat selection and reach your destination with ease. United Airlines makes sure that you and your family sit together and enjoy every moment of air travel and, therefore, it allows you to pick your desired seat before the flight departure. No matter whether you love to complete your journey on the aisle seat or like to gaze at the panoramic outside views through the window seat, you can easily pick any option depending on your preference. Make United reservation right away and get to know how you can select your favorite seat.

Choose your Preferred Seat Hassle-Free on United Airlines Flight

Whether you are traveling within Europe or flying intercontinental, United Airlines boasts a broad selection of seats that allow you to complete your journey smoothly. Passengers can easily reserve their seat either at the time of flight booking or by clicking to the ‘My Trips’ section on the airline’s official website. Pick your favorite seat is not a rocket science and you will have to follow the guidelines for the same.

  • Click on the airline’s official website and go to the ‘My Trips’ section.
  • Enter your booking code and family name to proceed further
  • Choose your desired seat from the available options and make the payment if the seat is paid to avoid any further hassle.

In addition to this, you can also select your seat while completing your check-in procedure. There are multiple check-in options available like online, mobile and airport check-in. choose any of these options and enjoy free seat selection.

Types of Seats Available on United Airlines Flight

United’s fare types are pretty standard for a large U.S. carrier. But with stiff competition from lots of low-cost airlines, United recently introduced a Basic Economy fare — which pretty much just gets you a seat on the plane.

Handy for those traveling light, this reduced and restricted fare does not include any standard carry-on or checked luggage.

And for anyone part of United’s frequent flyer program (covered later on in this article), you won’t be eligible for premier qualifying miles that go toward your elite status when flying in this class.

Below are the additional differences in fare types and cabin classes, with inflight amenities covered later on in this article:

Basic Economy (most restrictive fare):

  • Pre-assigned seat before boarding
  • Family or group seating not possible
  • First checked bag costs an additional $120 (round-trip)
  • Upgrades not available
  • Changes or refunds not permitted

Economy (standard):

  • Seat selection at time of booking (if available)
  • Customize your booking with other options

Economy (flexible):

  • Refundable ticket (subject to cancellation fees)
  • Seat selection at time of booking (if available)
  • Customize your booking with other options

Premium Plus:

  • Spacious, larger seating with extra legroom
  • Complimentary food and beverage
  • Customize your booking with other options


  • Spacious, larger seating with extra legroom
  • Enhanced dining with complimentary food and beverage

The availability of certain cabin classes is dependent on the route and plane type. We’ve also covered how you can upgrade to business or first class on united airlines.

Economy Plus

If you’re looking for a little extra legroom, you can upgrade your booking to Economy Plus. This will also seat you closer to the front of the aircraft so you can disembark quicker.

You can upgrade as a one-off, or subscribe to yearly upgrades when booking a regular economy ticket (where Economy Plus is available).

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