To improve user experience and enhance the payment process, you need to minimize typing and eliminate extra steps. You should ask your clients to provide only that data that is essential for the transaction. Also, you should make the design of your checkout page clean and simple. That’s all you need to make your business a success.Take a look at the following screenshot. Delta Airlines uses the phrase “Continue to review & pay” instead of “Checkout now”. The company understands that users want to review flight details before paying for pricey tickets.Credit Card Decline Management Every little distraction can get a client to rethink his purchasing decision. So make sure that your checkout page has a clean, simple design, and that it is free of any texts, images, and CTAs that may distract or confuse the user.Take a look at the following screenshot. It’s an example of a “big distraction” that leads to a low conversion rate. The company invites the user to take part in a survey right at the moment when the user is about to complete his payment. If you want to keep your business afloat, never make such mistakes.Look At This Site