programs 2021 where the computer is the language of use for many people, and the computer is now the control unit in everything, and for this many people need to know the best programs that serve the computer and make it better in performance and faster at work, and we will get to know On identifying the programs that convert a computer program into a computer into a smart, and we will get to know the most important programs in the device in this article.

Computer programs One of the most important problems with the device
is downloading computer programs .
The computer operates entirely through the programs that are used to operate the device, and the most important of these programs is anti-virus programs .
But there are two types of device programs, which are as follows: -
Basic programs: They are the device drivers and it is the basic unit in the device which is like Windows or programs that define the screen, sound and image in order to run the device with high efficiency.
Sub-programs: They are the programs that are loaded on the device in order for the device to be used in a better way in scientific and practical life.

MozilLa Firefox Computer
is the most popular program on the Internet.
It is a browser program and has many features that make it the first choice for many users.
It works to browse the Internet faster and more in the Internet package.
It also downloads images in high-quality format.
It also works to run applications such as Facebook, Twitter, or others.
There are also many features such as turning on incognito mode, and it works to display some blocked websites.
It also works to open some websites that are in the dark internet.
It works by wiping all browsing servers to keep you from being viewed while browsing.
It works to open a number of pages at one time.
You can run the program on a mobile phone or a computer.
The storage capacity or space that the program needs is only 20 MB in order to run.
The browser application provides a number of suggested websites in case the internet is closed.
The application also sends notifications in the event of entering the sites containing viruses.
The application downloads all types of videos, and it also contains application programs that download videos.

is a program that solves many user-encountered problems.
In many cases, many mobile phone users want to run games and applications on the computer, but the applications and games do not work on the computer.
This app solves the playback problem and runs games or apps.
It also works to run applications such as WhatsApp or Twitter on a computer.
It provides a navigation feature like a mobile phone, and it works to allow the keyboard to write and it works on the mouse as well.
It runs applications or programs in all versions and on all forms of Windows.
It also works on playing audios that are related to games or applications.
Also, the application is small in size and space and can be loaded in a few seconds.
The application is located on the Google Play program, and you can download it for free.

There are many computer programs, including Islamic programs, that work for the convenience of the user, and the design of the programs is interesting for the computer, so that the user enjoys the experience of the applications, and the programs help in the ease of dealing with the applications.