The selection and purchase of raw materials are also very important. When the cost of white corundum is relatively high, the price after production will be relatively higher.

The raw material is the first factor that affects the quality of white corundum, and the second factor is the production method. fused alumina vs aluminium oxide The production method is different for each manufacturer. As a professional manufacturer, it has its own professional team and its production method is completely acceptable. The raw materials are processed perfectly while improving the quality of white corundum.   

Relying on modern enterprise management concepts, complete production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, and automated production methods, our factory strives for perfection. The varieties and models of white corundum, chromium corundum, and single crystal corundum produced are complete, which can meet the needs of various customers.

In the production process, strict requirements are put forward for the feeding of white corundum. click here If the feeding is stopped within a certain period of time after the centralized feeding, the main purpose is to ensure that the materials in the production furnace are fully utilized, expand the melting area, and improve the utilization rate of raw materials. If it is not controlled, the effect will not be good.