As an exclusive provider of HP’s Photocopiers, AMPS is dedicated to providing high-quality sales and service for the latest in HP photocopying technology.

For our twenty-year history as a company, AMPS has nurtured a direct reseller relationship with HP in order to provide the best service for HP’s best products in Sydney as well as other Australian capital cities. If you are dissatisfied with your current photocopier or have particular personal or operational needs in a new purchase, our technology advisors would be happy to discuss and provide options which work for you.

We focus in your needs first

We understand that each company has different priorities regarding photocopying, whether it is security, cost reduction, quality of life or reliability. We believe that HP has a product suited to any requirement, which is why they have been top of the photocopier industry for over five decades. Since office equipment can be a heavy investment for any company, HP is committed to designing quality products which support your workers where they need it most. At AMPS, we offer competitive prices and offerings based on the Australian market so you can rely on us to provide the best HP photocopiers solution, and ongoing support.

What sets HP apart?

As a manufacturer of a wide range of technology products such as PCs and printers, HP’s range of photocopiers enjoys the brand’s in-house, award-winning security features. Only HP can provide complete peace of mind that your device is secure no matter which type of network or office plan your organisation uses. Through the implementation of advanced “Laser Print” technology, HP’s photocopiers boast excellent visual fidelity, as well as the unique ink technology: “HP PageWide”. This innovation allows HP photocopiers in both A3 and A4 to be the lowest cost models in their class, with more efficient operations thanks to fewer moving parts. HP PageWide photocopiers will help your office save costs on electricity and equipment maintenance, while also lowering your carbon footprint with each page.

With the cutting edge technology in security and functionality, HP’s models offer premium services with affordable costs.