If you are planning to have a grand Kiawah island wedding, then it is surely a hard affair to beat. However, a wedding in a far-flung place has its own set of logistical problems. Also, there are a few questions both from the bride and the groom that needs to be answered. Here are the questions along with the answers to them:

  1. Can we have an intimate destination wedding, then celebrate with a crowd when we get back?

Of course! When you are planning to have a destination wedding, then surely the guest list is supposed to be smaller as compared to a wedding in your native place. So, if the beachy wedding ceremony only includes a dozen of guests, you can definitely invite the rest of your family and friends to join you for a reception after you are back home. You can organize for a traditional wedding ceremony in full swing or keep it casual according to your preference.

  1. What do we need to include on the invitation?

Apart from your traditional wedding guest list, here you need to give a lot more information when you are asking them to join you out of town. In addition to your actual invitation, you will want an information card outlining of all the events you have planned so that your guests know for how long they have to be out of town. The weekend itinerary should include the date, time and location of each event. You will also have to print a card that contains the details of lodging.

  1. When should we send our ‘save the date’?

If you are going to ask your guests to book their flights on their own, make sure to give them enough time to make the travel plans. Instead of a short time allotted for a local wedding, you will want to send destination save-the-dates at least six months prior to the main event. Also, you should have all the travel details mentioned in details before sending the invites.

  1. What is the best way to travel with my wedding dress?

This may be one of the trickiest parts of destination wedding. The easiest option is to carry it in a garment bag along with your other luggage. Ask to hang the dress in the hanging space for first class or of the plane doesn’t have a closet, wait until all of the rolling bags have been stuffed in and then lay the dress on top of the suitcases. If the fabric is not prone to wrinkles, you can also fold the dress carefully and tuck it into your carry-on suitcase.

  1. Do we have to pay for our wedding party’s travel and accommodation?

There is no obligation as to paying the bill for any of your wedding party’s travel expenses. You should try to hook them up as much as possible. Let them know about your plans ASAP so that they can begin shopping around for deals on airfare.


Therefore, organizing a destination wedding in Kiawah island is not a big deal only if you know to do it the right way.