Earlier CCTV surveillance cameras were only seen at banks and over the check-out desks of retail stores. Now you see them everywhere, at gas stations, restaurants, traffic intersections, small shops, and almost every business and location, one can imagine. Over the course, security cameras have been coupled with developing technologies such as the internet, cloud computing, and even automation to expand their capabilities, improving their ease of use and increasing their efficiency.

Everyone’s property, budget, and security priorities are different, so there is no one-size-fits-all ironclad rule for security camera minimums. Here are some tips to consider security camera installation in Melbourne:

  • Place cameras appropriately for the viewing area

The cameras must be placed in a place where it is easy to view the space you intend them to survey. If you place them at the corners of your buildings, it may create blind-spots that can limit your cameras’ views.

  • Consider your lighting

You need to make sure that the area under surveillance comes under sufficient lighting so that camera can pick up identifying details. If the place doesn’t have adequate lighting, consider using a night-vision capable CCTV camera.

  • Place CCTV to monitor hidden entry points

Burglars often make use of back windows, back doors, and basement windows/ doors to break in buildings. For this, the cameras need to be well-positioned to view these areas.

  • Watch the front door

Burglars may make use of the front door to make an entry, so install a camera to watch that area too.

  • Protector hide your cables

It is always preferred to go for wired installation but don’t leave easily reached cables exposed. A security camera installer will hide the cables and will make them more difficult to access.

  • Install only outdoor surveillance cameras outdoors

There are separate cameras for outdoor and indoor surveillance. If you install indoor cameras outside then this will subject your camera to moisture, bugs, and other factors. This will result in problems with moisture, condensation, insect nests. With this, you will not be able to get a clear image at all.

  • Stick with wired security cameras

You must not install a wireless camera system as this variety can be quite expensive. The idea of video surveillance is to increase security and wireless technology sometimes increases the risk of getting hacked. So, it is better to go for a wired camera system.

  • Secure your equipment

If you are using an IoT to connect a camera system, you must be sure to secure it from outside hacking. You must change your factory-set, default passwords, and employ the necessary security features that your system must-have. There are some cases where the web-based cameras have long been hijacked and used to launch DDoS attacks. If you use IoT technology then make sure the CCTV system serving you is not malicious.

Don’t settle for the cheap camera installation company. You must look for an expert for the best CCTV installation in Melbourne so that your property gets the required security.