We need our sewer lines to function as intended. Without them, wastewater cannot be removed from our homes. It would be almost pointless to have fresh water come into our homes if we have no way of getting rid of the excess. For that reason, most of us hope that we never have to deal with a sewer problem. Although this is one of the most common reasons, a plumber is called for service.

Whether there's a leak or a clog, issues with your sewer line are not something you should avoid repairing. The problems can only get worse, and it can lead to your home's fixtures no longer working as intended. Let's take a look at some of the reasons a sewer line can fail and why you would need to call your plumber for assistance.

Shifting Soil

Just as you might be worried about your home's foundation, shifting soil can be responsible for sewer line breaks too. Shifting soil happens over time due to excessive water and natural occurrences. It's almost impossible to stop shifting soil unless you create a retaining wall. Though this might slow some of the shifting soil problems, it won't completely stop it. As the soil shifts, the sewer line will start to twist until, eventually, enough pressure is put upon the pipe to where it breaks.


Trees can bring about a ton of damage. Depending on where sewer lines were placed, they could be in jeopardy from tree roots. Roots don't stop for sewer lines. They will simply push through the pipe. The problem here is that the leak will start slowly, which could be hard to identify. Then before you know it, the roots will invade and clog the whole pipe. This makes it impossible for water to flow, and a clog can occur. When this happens, you'll have to call plumber hollywood hills.

Corrosion of Older Pipes

Older pipes are more susceptible to breakage than newer ones. So if your home has never been serviced before or had sewer line work performed, chances are the pipes could burst. There are a few options to correct older pipes, including putting a sleeve inside the pipe, though in most cases, replacing the worn out, damaged pipes is the best solution. It is also a long-term solution.

Increased Traffic

Should there be increased traffic above your sewer lines, this could be a potential hazard and cause breakage. More pressure from above puts pressure on the pipe. The longer the pipes remain under pressure, the more likely it is that they will break. This is why most plumbers agree that you should avoid heavy machinery above ground on the grass where pipelines are known to be. Similarly, you shouldn't put undue force on septic tanks.