Hey, Let's just say running a restaurant or commercial kitchen is no less than running a wholesale production and retail operation business in a single package. We have covered certain suggestion which helps run a smooth operation with cost-effectiveness.

We are not food experts so will talk about the structure rather than the food if not wrong :). We have covered how good material and the right product can keep a lot of your stress away from running the restaurant and kitchen business.

Commercial kitchen and Restaurant:

Restaurant and commercial kitchen flooring go through rough work every day with high temperatures, constant spills, Heavy kitchen object movement these are everyday challenges it does not stop there. With so many roles to play one needs few heavy things to be taken care of for a long time such as flooring.

The commercial kitchen and restaurants need to have perfect flooring in order to meet a lot of challenges stated earlier and move past the challenges to give the customer value for money experience

The 7 parameters to consider in the commercial kitchens and Restaurants.



Ambrosial food and wonderful ambiance is the reason individuals love to eat outside and praise all occasion with people they love. However, the most intriguing reason for the clients just as the government is the tidiness of the place.

The food is related with the strength of individuals straightforwardly so individuals and governments give special consideration in checking the premises routinely. Normally everything is cleaned consistently yet at some point numerous tiles and grouts utilized in the floorings have creases, seams that's where food particles and fluid get stuck and sends a greeting for microbial expansion. It will be a lot more trouble if goes under the floor surface over a period of time bad odor and unpleasant experience can be seen among the staff and people.

The most suited material for commercial kitchen tiles. It has durable strength, ideal for heavy foot traffic, Stain-resistant, and has anti-bacterial properties. There are lot many options available in natural stone, quarry tiles, and bricks.

The tiles and stones need to be set on the surface with the right tile adhesive. Tile adhesive gives the flooring perfect durability and strength its needs in extreme hot or cold temperature changes. A kitchen is a place where spilling hot substances, grease and chemical is a common occurrence Accidents do happen right?

Tile grout needs to be used in the kitchen to seal the tile joints most of the grout comes pre-treated. Grout is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and has maximum strength to keep everything together in extreme conditions.

Safety / Slip Resitant:

A kitchen is a place of hustling and bustling of people can be felt and water spillage, oil leaks, food spillage is a common occurrence in commercial kitchen and restaurants.

There are various materials available in the market which are slip resistance one needs to choose the correct option which again is a task. The person needs to know the desired output from the material. Floor tiles in which a coating is applied on the tiles keeps the co-efficient of friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy.

To avoid the accident and downtime at the kitchen one must choose the flooring material after checking a lot of marking. A lot of manufacturers offer various flooring products with anti-slip tiles and stones.


Strength and Chemical resistance:

Every good restaurant and commercial kitchen must withstand getting exposed to high-temperature substances. There are hot ovens, broilers, fryers that spill hot oil, grease onto the floor. Numerous objects can fall on the kitchen floor like Pan, Knives, utensils or it can be any raw material such as flour, salt, the sugar it can act as abrasive in foot traffic or food carts running on floors.

The cleaning of the kitchen is a daily routine activity that is performed everyday with harsh detergents, solvents, and degreasers that can be used to clean the surface every day

Believe it or not, commercial kitchens are busiest during operational hours downtime during this hour can attribute big financial hits.

Be sure to select a strong and durable, high-performance finish, resistant to hot grease, abrasion, and chemicals.


Thermal Shock Resistance


The surface of the commercial kitchen must be able to withstand the sudden change in temperatures between the cold freezer, walking cooler and another side the intense heat from cookers, dishwashing station, steam cleaning, etc.

This causes the expansion and contraction of flooring material and substrate underneath the floor. These reasons can cause debonding between the concrete and tiles leaving cracks, porous joints which can help containment to sheep under the floor.

To keep the downtime low or none choose flooring material like tile, tile adhesive, and grouts which has thermal shock resistant quality. This will give the strength and long durable bonding between the substrate and the surface.


The floor in the restaurant and commercial kitchen needs to retain the moisture and mitigate between the substrate and surface. Sudden temperature changes can create a humid environment causing a moist floor. This can cause premature deterioration of the concrete substrate and flooring material. The right tile and stone and proper flooring material can take care of this problem all at once.


A kitchen is a place known to be fast-paced, dynamic, and multitasking work all you can see your colleagues working in Hotline, cold line, other side working on desserts all this happens on the same floor for long-standing hours.

The comfort of staff and harmony of working beside each other can be achieved with the selection of proper flooring tiles or Epoxy finishing. A lot of restaurant kitchens use matt to provide a better experience to the people.



It is important fact running a restaurant and kitchen need to be upscale with design and interior. The new and modern restaurant has an open kitchen or we can say they are the part of the display to promote the hygiene and smooth operation shows how wonderful the dining experience can be.

The design and material play a very critical role in setting the ambiance for the guest to enjoy and get the vibe of the place. There is a wide variety of materials available to match the design needs of modern restaurants and commercial kitchens.