Anyone who owns or runs a business understands the significant role that printing plays in the functioning of the enterprise. Although a lot of things have been digitized and we have moved into a more techno-savvy world where printing is considered outdated, businesses still consider it as an integral part of their curriculum. It is impossible to completely overtake or replace printed items because they are a necessity of any business or brand. Printed materials are still very relevant and businesses must invest in good printing services. These days, you get a lot of online printing services. However, you must be careful about printing methods while doing custom printing.

Printed items are very much important but how they are printed is even more important. All the items that are printed today are customized to meet specific marketing needs and carry the brand name and logo. Therefore, these items represent your brand and you cannot compromise with the quality. The material, design, print, stock, coating, and overall look has to be bang on. If the printing technique is incompatible with any of these elements, it can make your finished product less attractive or even downright illegible. One thing that is responsible to bring all the elements together and make sure the desired result is achieved is the custom printing method you choose. There are several factors you should consider before choosing the right printing technique.

  1. The number of copies to be printed: Depending on the number of items you want to get printed you can choose a particular type of printing technique. Some printing methods are economical for small run printing while some are good for long-run printing.
  2. The deadline: The time that you have in hand to get the items printed is also a major factor. Certain printing methods require more time to print a particular number of items while some don’t. This is because the set-up time of certain printing methods are more.
  3. Size of the document to be printed: Size restrictions are there in certain printing techniques therefore it is always advisable to check with your online printing service as to which method is best suited for your product to avoid any tiling or splitting of the artwork.
  4. The material or substrate on which printing has to be performed: All the printing techniques are suitable for printing paper but if you want to print on other materials like glass, ceramic, plastic you must consult a good online print shop. They will guide what is best for your product.
  5. Finishing requirement: Some businesses want to give certain special finishes to their products like matte or glossy. So in that case, not all printing techniques are suitable, some specific ones allow special finishing of the products and have integrated finishing options.
  6. Allocated Budget: One of the major criteria is the budget. Only when you have a certain amount of funds can you go for premium printing techniques. All the printing methods have different set-up costs and thus the cost of printing also varies. So depending on your budget, your online print shop will suggest what is best for you.

Whichever online printing service you choose all of them will suggest what is best for your products considering the above factors. However, you must also do your study and not be completely dependent on them. So considering the above factors here are some best printing methods that you can opt for:

  1. Offset: This printing technique is best when you want to go for bulk printing and have a large number of items to be printed. As the set-up cost is a little expensive, this method is not suitable for small run printing. It also allows a large variety of paper types with custom finishes to be printed thus suitable for products with special finishes.
  2. Flexography: When used for medium to long print runs, the advantages of flexography outweigh the disadvantages thus making it the best printing technology for long-term return on investment. It is known for providing quality results with its speed efficiency. It accommodates a variety of ink types from water-based to solvent & U.V curable inks, which makes it the most versatile process for almost any application. This printing technique is a little expensive and a little outdated.
  3. Digital: The technique is gaining wide popularity over other printing techniques that are time-consuming. It shortens the lead time from design to production, speeds up sample production, and reduces production lot size and inventory costs. It also prevents chemical and paper wastage like most of the other methods. Digital printers do not require lengthy set-up or clean-up time between patterns and can still produce the finest print qualities. This printing method is great for short printing runs since it is much cheaper than offset printing. It is fast and gives high-quality finishes and saves a lot of time and energy. This method of printing streamlines the entire design, sampling, and production process. This technique is best when you have a low budget, less time, and small printing requirements. It is most apt for print-on-demand services.
  4. Gravure: Gravure printing is the only high speed and volume print process capable of printing continuous tone images, also known as the vignette effect. As a direct print process gravure printing results in better ink lay down and more consistent print quality. Printing times are quick, with modern presses able to produce up to 14m of film per second. This printing technique is expensive and not economical for small run print.
  5. Screen: When it comes to screen printing, one of the major benefits is that it’s an effective solution for bulk printing as it is extremely cost-efficient. It is more durable for prints that are needed over the long-term and can be used on a variety of different print materials, including glass, wood, textiles, signs, banners, electronics, and much more. Too much customization is not possible with screen printing.

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