VooPoo Coils feature a multi-mesh design. This enables even heat distribution when they're being used, it also allows for a longer lasting coil and improved flavours. The 0.15Ω VM6 PNP coils can be used for MTL vaping (mouth-to-lung) due to their low resistance. They won't best between 60 to 80W. VooPoo Coils last for around a full day, regardless of what one you use. If you're a heavy vape then you'll probably need to recharge during the day. VooPoo Coils feature Kanthal wiring and 100% Organic Japanese Cotton due to its durability and strength. Japanese cotton also encourages a faster transmission of the E-Liquid to the coil. For those who vape, or know about the world of vaping use the word coils. They're actually technically atomizer heads. The coil is a component inside the atomizer. Just in case anyone says that word to you in future, you know what they're talking about! The coil of a vape is basically the main component of your E-Ciggarette or Mod. It heats up the e-liquid and vaporises it. If you're new to vaping then you probably won't know when your VooPoo coils need to be changed. Here's a few tips: If your vape tastes burnt then this is one of the biggest signs that you need to change the coil. Gurgling sounds when vaping is also a sign, strange tastes and also leaks. Just a heads up! The average user gets about two to three thousand puffs on every coil. that's a lot of vaping! Many VooPoo coils can be washed (not all so be careful). You can do this by dampening a microfibre cloth (or paper towel) with alcohol to clean the affected area(s). Follow by rinsing with warm water, and leave to dry. The most favoured choice of alcohol is ethanol.