The large format printing provides you a good platform to advertise your products and business. The high visibility of the advertising message and graphic representations can help businesses to capture a lot of customers for their business. Large-format printing is one of the most cost-effective print marketing tools today, with its low cost and great enduring impact; it has become a popular choice among advertisers. It is in the last few years that large format printing has experienced growth and is continuing to develop as new technologies become part of managed print services companies. Today’s large-format printers are both budget-friendly and easy to operate and can prepare prints on virtually any kind of surface. Thanks to modern corporate print solutions! Marketers know ways to increase sales and build customer-business bonds. And it is in no denial that going big with original artwork, custom text or attention-grabbing graphics is a proven way to achieve the said objectives. You can easily print an eye-catching and perfectly designed large format printed item like a billboard with the help of a good Web2print Solution provider or any online print solution. Whether you are looking to print a new outdoor sign for your restaurant, start an advertising campaign, or set-up banners to announce an outdoor festival, large format printing is the perfect option for you.

Large format printing is also called wide-format and grand-format printing. Large-format prints are typically at least 24 inches wide but can be of any size. Large format print services continue to drive a large portion of the growth within the print market and are currently outpacing digital alternatives such as electric signs or supersized LED screens because of their low cost and high productivity rate. Whether you’re looking to produce banners, décor, or vehicle wraps, billboards, wide format printing provides the ideal solution to all your large-scale print marketing needs. You can easily get them made with the help of some well-managed print service providers. It is a cost-effective print marketing solution and a great advertising tool to reach the masses. Earlier, wide format printing came with several issues, including short-run lengths, high costs and slow turnaround times, limited printing materials, and expensive special finishes. All that has changed with the advent of new technologies and the rise of several corporate printing services. Print management system have higher capabilities, new versions of flatbed printers, and other modern pieces of machinery that speed up the turnaround time which makes large-format printing more efficient and speedier. It allows for higher print runs and more cost-efficient print services which makes large print formats ideal for advertising.

With these tremendous improvements, large-format printing has now become one of the foremost print marketing tools, providing an endless array of choices in large-scale print design ranging anywhere from printed wallpapers and tiles, to display canvases and billboards. One of the best things about large format print applications is that they can be custom designed to accommodate any design and is suitable for all businesses. All you need is to do is to find a good printing enterprise that can design exceptionally alluring large print format materials to catch the attention of the masses at a relatively feasible cost.

Large format printing has certain rules that need to be followed to get the desired result. Effective graphic ads generally have two things in common: gorgeous high-resolution imagery and a clear message. To capture the audience’s attention a variety of design strategies need to be applied. Here are 5 tips that will make your large format printing worth investing in:

  1. Outweigh Vector Images: You must give priority to vector format while ordering your prints in large format printing. You have to make sure that the graphics used are of superior quality as that is the most important ingredient. Vector format uses various shapes instead of segmented pixels to create visuals. This produces a better image quality regardless of size. Vector extensions include EPS, AI, SVG, and often PDF. They function based on mathematical equations, using formulas to draw lines and curves. This method ensures faultless visuals and provides extraordinary sharpness to the printed article regardless of its size. The vector method is more precise and makes sure the quality of graphics is maintained.
  2. Stick to the process colors: Choose the CMYK or Pantone color formatting for printing as it is compatible with most printers. Do not apply too many fancy shades to your computer-generated design as not all printing machines can reproduce those fancy shades. Color can also skew depending on the type of material or ink. To be safe, stick to the general shades or ask the printer to supply a smaller version using the same materials as proof before giving the large format print a green signal.
  3. Use readable fonts: The most important purpose that large format print serves is making sure that it is visible from a distance and the message is written in a readable fashion. So it becomes very important to use a simple, bold, and legible font that is easy to the eyes. Do not go over the top with the font type as it might drown into the rest of your design and your printer might not reproduce it the way you like. Sometimes fancy font type makes it difficult to read from the distance so it is safe to stick to some generic fonts. Also, consider color contrast and use the right combination of colors.
  4. Choose the right substrate: How your final design will look depends largely on the material chosen to print the matter. Choose the right substrate based on use, durability, environment, and lifespan. If you are planning to display it outdoors, you need a substrate that will stand up to the sun’s heat or rain. You also have to make sure your ink will not bleed and easily fade.
  5. Use the right message: Content is the key. Understand what you want to convey to your audience and what your ultimate aim is. You have to think from your audience’s perspective while deciding the content. Choose something that will catch their attention and also make sure that your thinking resonates with your audience’s thinking. Use a good combination of text and images and make it as unique as positive but at the same time maintain the uniformity of the message. The language used must be understood by your target audience. Remember, ultimately it is the content that is going to shine out.

Use these five tips to make your large format printed the article a success. To make sure that all these factors work in your favor make sure to hire or consult a very experienced and professional corporate printing company that specializes in large format printing. Shortlist the most efficient web to print solutions provider and choose the one that offers the best services at a minimum price. Print on web services will make your job much easier by lining up the entire process for you. They are not only cost-efficient but also save much of your time by designing, customizing, printing, and delivering the final product to you.

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