Cash is that the backbone of all businesses. Especially for Startup and small businesses as they have already got limited income. Therefore, it's crucial to manage your income properly; otherwise, payment delays, inability to pay employees, incursions of heavy interests, and other financial issues will impact your business.

It is quite challenging to manage assets during a timely manner while operating day to day business activities. But, if you're using QuickBooks accounting services, you'll handle assets with none delays.

QuickBooks bookkeeping services have already been serving quite 200,000 customers. This accounting software has eased finances management dramatically for small and large companies. QuickBooks has made it possible to manage AR smoothly with quick entries, various analytical reports, and prompt response.

QuickBooks has many underlying features which will make AR management super easy, and everyone those features we are getting to discuss during this post. So, brace up, and let’s start.

6 Ways QuickBooks Accounting Services Can Improve AR Management

QuickBooks have multiple features to streamline the cash inflow and outflow system. But, if you're first time using QuickBooks bookkeeping services in detroit, you ought to definitely get leverage from the subsequent features:

How Outsource Bookkeeping

Run Aging Report

Usually, when an invoice is shipped, your customers need to send payment within 30 to 60 days. it's essential to receive a payment within a strict timeframe because you can’t function without adequate assets balance. This may make it harder to run daily business operations and pay your bills.

QuickBooks aging report analysis can help by showing which customers are delaying payments. And you'll review the income statement with one click to understand what proportion cash you've got available to settle your bills and payable accounts.

On QuickBooks, the aging report is often prepared very easily by:

  • Go to the ‘Reports’ menu and click on ‘Customers and Receivable.’
  • Next, select the ‘AR Aging Summary’ or the overall ‘Accounts Receivable.’
  • Click the ‘Dates’ button and range dates from where you would like to look at pending payments.
  • Your aging report is prepared that you simply can easily print by clicking on the ‘Print’ button.

Once you've got printed the aging report while analysing it, do remember a couple of things:

If you authorized long credit terms to specific customers, it'll make your items appear overdue or not in the least overdue. So, you've got to watch out for such special credit terms while reading an aging report.

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The bill range must be selected very carefully. That’s because if your invoices are billed to clear at the top of the month, and you run the aging report on the last days, it'll show an impressive AR balance.

Clean up unapplied credits to scale back the quantity of the overdue receivables.

Ageing Report in QuickBooks

Apply Finance Charges

At Kayabooks, applying finance charges is our next outsource QuickBooks bookkeeping step after running the aging analysis. Typically, we apply finance charges supported monthly or statement cycle. It’s a percentage of consumers that have missed payments.

Finance charges are often simply customized on QuickBooks via getting to the Edit > Preferences > Finance Charge. You’ll tend multiple options to pick charge, including the Annual rate of interest, Grace Period, Finance Charge Amount, and lots of more.

It is efficient thanks to encourage your customers to pay on time. However, before implementing finance charges, do consider some items first:

  • Will it alienate your certain customers?
  • Are your finance charges supported the overdue invoices?
  • Have you clearly mentioned finance charges within the first invoice?
  • Are you enforcing finance charges without prior informing your customers?

Initiate Online Payments

With QuickBooks accounting services, you'll use quick online payment methods to supply payment clearance comfort to your customers. QuickBooks online payment feature are often activated by getting to Edit > Preferences > Payments. Online Payment supports—mailed-in checks, gift credit cards, direct bank, PayPal, and lots of more.

This feature facilitates users to click on a link or directly email invoices. The payment on the invoice through a protected payment link can encourage your customers to pay quickly. Online payment can dramatically reduce overhead costs like printing checks, postage expenses, and far more. QuickBooks can easily streamline your payment methods and improve your assets.

Send Quick Reminders

When you need to search your each payment delayer and call or send a customized email reminder, it'll take up much time. Now, once you can send friendly collection letters to your customers with QuickBooks, you don’t have to undergo all manual hassle.

QuickBooks can automate the method of sending reminders via email. The variability of pre-packaged collection letters comes with QuickBooks that you simply can use to send reminders in one go. These Microsoft Word templates will automatically acquire data from your QuickBooks file to make a customized collection letter.

You can access collection letters in QuickBooks from the Customer Center and choose the ‘Prepare Collections Letter’ button. By simply following the wizard, you’ll format a friendly, professional, and private collection letter.

Generate Collection Reports

Similar to the aging report, you ought to use QuickBooks collection reports to send reminders to overdue customers. By clicking on Reports > Customers and Receivable, you'll get any customer details. You’ll get the name, contact number, and invoice of an individual who has not cleared payment on time. These QuickBooks online accounting services in detroit always help us to stay our clients’ cash inflow intact.

Collection Report in QuickBooks

Timely Invoice Management

If you've got year’s old invoices stored-up in your QuickBooks account, it can create chaos and even impact the present AR balance. At an equivalent time, if you don’t record current invoice entries in real-time, it can show the incorrect assets balance. Therefore, QuickBooks has simplified the invoice entry process in order that you'll get the precise numbers:

  • Tap on the ‘Customers’ menu and choose the ‘Receive Payments’ option.
  • Next, click on the ‘Received From’ and pick your customer from the menu.
  • Enter information altogether the relevant fields like Amount, PMT method, Check, and Date.
  • Just click on ‘Save & Close’ to record payments.

Bottom Line

With QuickBooks, you'll easily manage your assets and maintain a correct income. But, for effective AR management, it's essential to use the simplest QuickBooks accounting services. If your accountant or bookkeeper doesn’t skills to utilize QuickBooks to enhance AR management, you can’t take full leverage from the simplest accounting software.