Local SEO can be a huge game-changer for local businesses of all kinds. So much so that many businesses hire local SEO services in Bangalore. They allow the customer to easily discover you provided you have a well set up GMB profile. Here are the 5 main factors you should focus on if you want to rank in the local pack for Google Search Results

1. Customer Reviews

Although customer rating do not directly impact GMB rankings, the words that customers leave in their reviews can be a very good ranking factor. Ask your customers to mention the keywords you want to rank for in their reviews

2. Citations

Citations are another important ranking factor. They act like backlinks for local SEO. The main thing about citations is that you need to maintain a consistent business name, address and phone number.

3. A Complete GMB Profile

Google gives a lot of importance to a complete GMB profile. It is an indication of your intent to provide good info to potential customers. It also helps Google know the nitty grits of your business and increase the relevance

4. Backlinks to Landing Page/Website

The quality of backlinks to your native website is also a great ranking factor. Look to create backlinks from local businesses and website for more local relevance. The same rules as for traditional SEO apply to this

5. Proximity

The proximity of the searcher to your business location is another important factor. You have no control over this but following the above criteria may make you come up on top even for further locations