Many people now work remotely. This changes not only our daily schedule, but also our eating habits and behaviour. We no longer have to skip breakfast or eat on the run, nor do we adjust our lunch hour to suit other colleagues. And what about snacks? The perfect opportunity to stock up on the healthier ones for those moments when you feel like nibbling on something sweet. Here are some ideas on how to choose the right snack.

Ensure good energy

The home office does not mean that we need less energy and concentration. On the contrary, many people find it harder to motivate themselves and concentrate on their work at home. This is why it is important to provide our bodies with valuable food ingredients to help us work efficiently. Sesame is a product worth including in the daily diet, as it is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, fibre supporting digestion, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium.

What is important, sesame contains lecithin, which, thanks to its properties, positively influences our concentration and memory, therefore it is recommended by nutritionists, especially during periods of increased mental activity. This extremely important ingredient can also be supplied in the pleasant form of a sweet crunchy snack, which perfectly complies with the principle of combining pleasure with utility.

Go for simple ingredients

Conscious choice of food products and detailed reading of labels is becoming a consumer trend, especially in times of pandemics. This also applies to sweet snacks. Let's make healthier choices, reach for products with simple ingredients, without unnecessary artificial additives and preservatives.

Remember to enjoy

A healthier snack does not mean, however, that it will be less tasty. There are products on the market that will meet our expectations in terms of sweetness, texture and crunchiness. The pleasure of snacks is a very simple but effective way to temporarily break away from the responsibilities that absorb us every day. In addition, a little something often brings back very positive memories of our childhood (e.g. school trips, during which our student backpacks contained specific treats). This is another benefit of sweet treats, which not only give us the opportunity for a sweet break, but also carry sentimental value.