At Electronic PCB Repair Services, they have everything you need out of a quality PCB repair service. Their combination of certified, factory-trained technicians and a carefully refined repair process allows them to provide high-quality circuit board repair services. They review the whole board, replacing components with high failure rates and repairing failed components. They also thoroughly test and analyse their device using a variety of methods, such as the curve tracer signature device.

Electronic Circuit Board Repair Services

A lot of things can go wrong with a circuit board. Some issues, like breaks, are easy to identify, while others may be much more difficult to discover. Fortunately, they have trained specialists who can recognize a great variety of printed circuit board problems and who are also thoroughly experienced with solving each of these problems.

They offer a wide range of PCB repair services to suit your needs. These services can include, but are not limited to:

Gold Finger Repair

Gold fingers are features on the periphery of your printed circuit board. In this location, they are often subject to solder splash during wave soldering. If your edge contacts are contaminated with solder or otherwise damaged, your PCB may not work as intended. Their repair technicians can help avoid scrapping boards with gold finger damage. They can accomplish this by repairing or replacing contaminated or damaged contacts, getting your PCB back to like-new condition.

BGA Pad Repair

BGA pads often become damaged during part removal or as a result of rough handling during transport or cleaning. Because of this damage, the attached parts may no longer operate correctly on the PCB. Panel view repair Services can help fix BGA pad problems through comprehensive repair and replacement services. They employ a variety of repair techniques collected over our years of service, allowing us to handle most issues related to BGA pad damage. They also carry a variety of BGA pads to facilitate quick replacement services when necessary.


Plated through-holes and eyelets are critical to the proper functioning of multi-layer boards. These through-holes can sustain damage as a result of rough handling or improper part removal. As a result of this damage, the PCB may no longer work properly. If you notice damage to your PCB through-holes, contact Panel view repair services. They can replace your through-holes by installing new eyelets, bringing the board back to full functionality.

Failed Component Repair

Failing components are a common problem with PCBs but are often more difficult to identify. If you believe your PCB components are failing, Electronic Services can help. Their technicians can pinpoint the problem through thorough testing of all components of the board. This testing will help identify which components, if any, are damaged or not working properly for any reason. Once they have located the faulty component, we can repair it, replace it, or adjust it on the board to make sure it is working correctly.

Electronic board repair is commonly used in an extensive variety of industries. Digital technology is becoming increasingly pervasive, and you can find printed circuit boards in almost every sector, from manufacturing plants to home and office applications.