it alright guys so it's looking a lot cleaner I've rang it out probably twenty to thirty times so I'm going to go ahead switch the water out and then start the process over again alright guys so I just got a new bucket of water we're going to go ahead and repeat the process and just finish cleaning all that deep dirt out get all the oil off the filter so again just the same process before just kind of treat it like a washcloth just don't be too harsh as to rip the foam piece off you know the foam piece or separate the on the seam there alright guys so our washable air filters is feeling pretty clean once your filter feels like it's clean and you know you all the oils off of it now's a good time to dry it you're obviously going to want to dry it and make sure all that moisture is out of there before you definitely put it back on your bike or even before oiling it's just a good idea to make sure it's fully dry before you put in any oil on it or for sure before you put it back on your bike so let's go ahead and do that now so I found an old towel I had laying around the house and I'm just going to go ahead and dry this filter off again don't be too rough to it just kind of knead it like you would a washcloth and make sure you just get all the get all the moisture out of it as best you can so now that we've dried the outside of the filter if you feel on the inside it might still be a little damp so what I'm going to go ahead and do is just grab a few paper towels roll them up kind of like this and shove them inside like that and then dry it again just like that and that will get all that extra moisture on the inside out .

Cleaning Bike Air Filters

so once your air filter is good and dry the next step is to oil it and there's all sorts of different type of air filter oils that you can buy KN and you know the generic brands I just go for the middle-of-the-road foam air filter oil that's what I got so that's what I bought I've had pretty good luck with this stuff whenever I clean my filter it's dirty so I mean that's always a good sign it means it's catching the dirt so let's go ahead and oil the filter so what I'm going to do is just spray a few lines and then I'm going to use a paper towel and my hands to massage the oil into the filter and all over it so let's get started that should be good enough and then I'm going to use a paper towel and I'm just going to kind of massage that oil into the washable air filters I'm not going to wring the filter out I'm just going to massage it in there and it will get on the paper towel but we'll just add more and honestly this is kind of a dirty part because your hands work better than the paper towel to be honest and it's not a bad idea to be pretty generous with the air filter oil I mean you can always soak it up with a paper towel if there's too much and don't forget the end obviously let's go ahead and massage the oil in just use your fingers I mean I told you the user paper towel earlier but if you don't mind your hand works a heck of a lot better it just smooths it around a lot easier works it into the filter a lot better so one tip I have for you guys just to know if your filter is properly oiled is to just spin it and if it glimmers a little bit in the light you probably have enough oil