We are the manufacturer and supplier of food ingredients, food culinary solutions, Natural food colouring - bespoke flavour solutions. Symega has developed online technology that allows customers to automate liquid application of Symega products.

We stock a wide range of preservatives, emulsifiers, dietary fibers, proteins, cocoa powders, sweeteners, gums, and thickening agents. As a trusted confectionery ingredient supplier, Symega has all the commercial ingredients used in candy and confectionery product manufacturing. We can provide each and every ingredient that you need for confectionery products - food culinary solutions.

Our company has been established with an objective of serving scientific community and mankind by way of providing good quality of products. At Symega Food Ingredients, we carry that responsibility proudly. We understand that as a Symega food customer, not only does your company and product depend on us so do your customers. For more information, please visit our site https://symega.com/