On-demand taxi services have seen a massive jump in users in the last few years. This increase in users is accounted for several reasons that include customers travelling across the map with the exact location in mind, accessible navigation services with GPS and many more features that facilitate perfect coordination between the customer and the driver with minimal interaction.

This brainchild of the transportation and mobile app development industry has made it possible for customers to consider on-demand taxi-hailing services as a pleasurable experience. The next generation of entrepreneurs will be solely responsible for perfecting this business model and changing the game, and you can be one of them with your Uber clone app.

What is the Uber clone app?

The Uber clone app was made to rival the other apps in the niche that all look and feel the same. This app results from endless hours of experimentation on how to make the online taxi-hailing experience the best it can be. The app has all the standard features necessary for essential services, but here is how the app shines from its competition.

Real-time location tracking

The app supports real-time driver tracking, right from the time of booking. This feature allows the user to be ready to board the taxi, depending on how close they are to the location.

Route optimization

The app provides the best route to follow instead of giving any course available.

Seamless payment options

The app lets users pay conveniently: the more options, the better.

Intuitive UI

With a clean build and a design that doesn’t overwhelm the users, navigating to features the user needs don’t get any easier.

ETA and scheduled rides

Book a ride for later, and get detailed information about the arrival of the ride beforehand.

There’s more than enough features to get your on-demand taxi service business to become a huge success, and you can owe it all to UberEats Like App’s brilliant Uber clone app solutions.

Get it today and let your business be the face of the taxi service sector!