There are some great places to see near Udaipur. These places usually offer quite a lot to do in one day and they're closer than you may think. It's possible to get there from Udaipur by local bus, tempo, or even taxi. Some even have hotels nearby, while others might just have a seemingly abandoned place of interest that would be better enjoyed with a tour guide. So, if you're getting tired of Udaipur's lakes and palaces and want to see something different then take a look at these great places close by for day trips from Udaipur. You can also book taxi in Udaipur from Udaipur Taxi Service at cheap and affordable price and explore best places to Near Udaipur


Only when you’ve seen the city of Chittor from the fort can you fully appreciate its strategic position atop a hill, a natural fortress that has witnessed many sieges and battles in its long history. The fort is vast and well-defended with seven gates, each named after one of Maharana Kumbha’s queens. The best way to explore Chittorgarh is on foot. With around 1,400 rooms in the palace alone, it is slightly larger than the Forbidden City in Beijing!

Shri Eklingji Prabhu Temple and Saas Bahu Temples

Dedicated to Shri Eklingji, the temple’s main patron deity, the present structure dates back to 800 AD. It was built during the reign of Bapa Rawal, founder of Mewar Dynasty. Bapa Rawal was ready to offer his head for a suitable location for the temple. On being pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva manifested himself from a "swayambhu" (self-born) Linga and revealed to Bapa Rawal the exact location for construction of the temple.


Nathdwara is a city in Rajasthan, located on the western corner of Lake Pichola. The city is renowned for its 17th century Krishna temple, which houses an idol of Shreenathji, attracts a lot of pilgrims. However, of particular interest are the traditional Pichwai paintings, featuring scenes from Lord Krishna's life. You'll come across them on the walls of buildings all over town.

Lake Badi

Most Lakes in Udaipur and nearby areas are man made reservoirs meant to store water from Bhundar river for the Rann of Kutch. But lake Badi in Udiapur is one of those few natural lakes (Govind Sagar is another natural lake in Udaipur) that originated during a local earthquake or landslide Millions of years ago. This explains why this lake has much clarity, depth and texture.

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