iPhone 8 plus Touch Disease

iPhone 8 plus is a series of Apple phones that came after the iPhone 7. As all the phones start getting internal issues, the iPhone 8 Plus also gets a lot of issues as it gets older with time. The issue includes the iPhone 8 plus screen problem that is named “Touch Disease”. Touch disease is not just the screen problem, it is a problem with the Touch IC chip in iPhone 8 plus. You will notice that your touchscreen is not responding. You are continuously tapping the screen but the swiping is taping won’t just work. These are the signs of Touch disease in iPhone 8 plus. This issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. All you need is an iPhone touch disease repair service for your iPhone 8 plus. The service should repair neatly and won’t damage other parts of your phone.

We will repair it for you,

Icon Repair is here to repair your iPhone 8 plus touch screen. Repairing the touch disease in your iPhone 8 plus is not a hard job for us to do. Your iPhone 8 plus screen stops responding when the digitizer in your phone stops working properly. Touch disease can occur due to software issues or hardware issues. Icon Repair will repair your iPhone 8 plus touch IC. As the iPhone 8 plus is an expensive phone, its parts are also expensive. Icon Repair always provides you original iPhone 8 plus parts and products. Our technician’s team is experienced and well aware of their work. Icon Repair will remove your damaged touch IC and replace it with a brand new IC and will finish the touch disease in your iPhone 8 plus. Send Icon Repair your iPhone 8 plus and we will return your repaired phone in 1 day.