iPhone 8 plus Audio IC

Audio IC is a chip that is in charge of audio purpose in your iPhone 8 plus. Audio IC is located on the board of the iPhone 8 plus at a flexible place. The symptoms of damaged audio IC are that your mic stops working and does not record anything. Also, the speakers stop working, you can’t hear anything. SIRI can’t hear you if your iPhone 8 audio IC is damaged. THE audio IC in your phone is damaged if you have dropped your phone several times or water is spilled on it. Other symptoms are that your iPhone starts getting stuck and won’t work well. You can’t record anything because your voice memo is destroyed. These days, the phone is very essential for everyone. And not having a good working phone can give bad effects on your daily life routine. To avoid this you need to take your iPhone 8 Plus to an iPhone audio IC repairing company.

Having audio IC issues?

Icon Repair is a company built to repair your iPhone 8 plus old and useless audio IC. Icon Repair has qualified staff and answers to your iPhone 8 Plus audio IC-related questions. Our man will remove the old audio IC and repair it. No data in your phone is affected or leaked. Icon Repair does their work of iPhone 8 plus audio IC very efficiently and on time. We will repair your greyed loudspeaker, your mic, and the main audio chip. Icon Repairs uses their best techniques and tools in repairing. Drop your iPhone 8 plus at our shop and the repairing will be done in less than 2 days. Before delivering the iPhone, we make sure that your audio IC is fully repaired and working 100%. Icon Repair makes sure no other components of your iPhone 8 plus gets damaged while repairing your audio IC. Icon Repair is always opened for you.