There has been a sudden increase in online book stores in Lahore as well as over all the Pakistan with ease of ordering at the click of a button. It makes the whole experience of ordering books hassle-free. People prefer to order online because they get a visual display of different genres and categories of books. It serves as a one stop shop for all your needs. Different sections and drop down menus make it user friendly and users can easily navigate and choose what they are looking for.

When you shop online, everything is just a click away. You browse for online book order, put them on your cart, check out, select the payment option and shipping address and you're done. It's much easier than traveling to a bookstore. I mean, you have to prepare, take public transportation or drive (which requires gas money and energy), and travel back home. It's too much work.

It is common knowledge that online book stores in Lahore and overall the Pakistan always have more stocks than their offline counterparts. Online stores are not limited by physical space, so they can store an unlimited number of books that you can choose from. Also, most online bookstores list the stock of each book, so you'll know if the book you want to buy is in short supply. So you know whether to buy books right away or not. KitaabNow is one of the best online book store.

Also, by shopping online you can see the comments and comments of other students who made this purchase. Book before you. This will allow you to do research and get the reviews right, make the final purchase. So, this is the whole experience of buying interactive online and Informational.

The popularity of online book sellers has grown significantly over the past decade due to its comfort and convenience. Browsing book titles will take you to the best retailers who offer the best deals at surprisingly low prices. In contrast, offline or "physical" bookstores can take advantage of their nature to host events such as book signatures that draw a large crowd at any given time. After all, for some readers, reading a book is about the whole experience - the touch and feeling of the book makes it more enjoyable.

To sum up, Ease of use is one of the main reasons for the success of e-commerce. Although the Internet provides a quick and easy way to purchase products, some people prefer to use this technology only in a limited way. They see the Internet as a way to gather more information about a product before buying it in a store. Some people also fear that they will become accustomed to shopping online.