Call Transcription Services

Can you even think of surviving without connecting to people in this era of global isolation?
Calls and connectivity have become more essential now, since the pandemic broke out in 2019.
In these hard times, when meeting personally or organizing board meetings, educational classes and all other physical gatherings are not advisable, conference call has emerged as the single most efficient alternative to these meetings and lectures.
Before I get to, phone call transcriptions tell me; have you ever ended up a call and tried to replay the conversation in your head? Maybe you could have better explained a service to your customers or a better way to pitch your product to a customer. Maybe you are forgetting a key point, which is vital to your customer’s unique case.
“Ah! What did he say was the problem?” - You must be beating yourself up for this.
However, there is an easy way out of all this chaos - call transcriptions and call recordings.
Keeping a record of your conversation can come in very handy when the scope of a project is documented or during the training sessions for newbies – a successful deal closing call can prove very tempting and motivating to those who are starting their careers.
Now, why are call transcriptions better than call recordings?
Where listening to recordings can give you a more personalized experience, call transcriptions are easier to understand and to highlight the key points of the conversation. Moreover, you may not fully understand the language or accent of the other person; these calls can be translated and transcribed in to the language you understand.
There are several other benefits of call transcriptions: the highlighted benefits are given below:
Keeping Records
If you have transcribed records of your calls, you can pick up from where you ended the last conversation.
Moreover, these records can be used as references, whenever required.
These transcriptions can also come in handy to understand your audience, figure out the FAQs and train your team accordingly. Moreover, your marketing department can use these audios to better understand the target audience and craft efficient and effective digital ads.
Scan Transcriptions for Specific Purposes
Conference call transcriptions are very useful, especially if the conference was with a client company regarding a new project. You can scan and search these transcriptions for information specific to the scope and specifications of the project. In addition, you can scan your call transcriptions for the mistakes you may have made and improve your answering skills.

Improve Accessibility
Sometimes, call recordings can be very difficult to understand. It can be due to the accent, or a different dialect or an entire different language. Expressions could be misunderstood, tones can be misguiding, and the ending can be misleading.
That is where written transcriptions beat voice recordings. Specifically, the non-verbatim transcriptions are very clear and easy to understand. Nevertheless, Verbatim Transcriptions may feel quite personal and indulging, but they are meant for a separate genre of meetings and lectures.
What To Look For in Transcription Services
Quality, obviously, should be your first concern; you must check the reviews of the customers before selecting a transcription service. However, apart from this, there are 5 important factors which must be scrutinized before choosing the service providers. These are:
Price per minute
Turnaround time
Human or machine generated
Data Security
We at Servixer, LLC..,
We convert sales calls, videos, meetings, lectures and podcasts in to written transcriptions with 99% accuracy. The quality of our transcripts is higher because we ensure 100% human transcriptions, as machines can never pickup different accents and expressions as accurately as a human does. Starting from 12 hours of turn-around time, we claim to provide the cheapest but best quality transcriptions in the market.
Moreover, to ensure data security and privacy, client’s and transcriptionist’s information is kept anonymous from each other. The transcriptionist is given access to only a specific piece of audio rec. Servixer is excited to offer its wide range of transcription services with over 50+ languages, with unmatched accuracy and affordability.