A fragrance diffuser: what is it and how to use it

What is the "aroma diffuser"

The aroma diffuser is simple, elegant and a long lasting solution to fill your home or office with a pleasant smell. This is a glass bottle of aromatic liquid that you insert sugar cane sticks into.

The cane is porous in structure, and the smell from the bottle rises on the sticks and spreads through the air.

The advantages of aroma diffusers:

Long working time: 100ml is enough for 2.5-3 months in an ordinary room. In the bathroom due to high humidity, the service life is reduced by 2 weeks; Wide coverage - the scent spreads throughout the room, subtly creating a background scent; Ease of use - once installed it does not require more attention; The saturation of aromas can customize for yourself.

How to use a fragrance diffuser

After removing the packaging, you will find a bottle with a cap and a set of chopsticks. Pick a spot where your diffuser will stand, remove the cap, and insert the sticks. All! Very simple.

Fragrance diffuser: what is it and how to use it

How many sticks to put - you decide by adjusting the diffuser to your sense of smell. More sticks - a brighter aroma, but evaporation is faster, which means a replaceable charge is needed faster.

If the smell is too strong, just subtract a few sticks. It is worth starting with four. The strength of the scent can be assessed 3-4 hours after installing the diffuser. After a month and a half, when the sticks are completely saturated, you can turn them over and the smell will become brighter again.

Diffuser no need to "turn off" , leaving the house and at night - it works 24 hours a day. Only if you are going away for a few days, it makes sense to remove the sticks and close the bottle with a cap.

When the bottle runs out of aromatic liquid, you can save money and instead of a new diffuser, buy a replaceable filler. Pour it into the same bottle and insert new sticks (or those that were not claimed in the previous package). And again, enjoy the pleasant aroma!

Fragrance diffuser: what is it and how to use it

The room ventilation system is a complex structure. Its essential component is a ventilation diffuser. It is responsible for the uniform distribution of air throughout the area of space.

What is a ventilation diffuser

The diffuser is small in size, but is an important part of the design of the ventilation system. On the outside, this is a case with a complex ventilation grill. What is stagnant air, drafts will have to be forgotten when the diffuser is installed in the ventilation.

The air passing through a normal ventilation grill is at the same point. At the same time, zones of air with different temperatures are formed in the room. Its function is to protect the duct from the accumulation of dust and debris.

The functionality of the diffuser is superior to that of a conventional grille. A diffuser is a structural unit located at the inlet or outlet of an air duct. It has special wheels and blades, thanks to which the intake of air volume occurs evenly, its distribution in the room is optimal. It allows the use of a static pressure chamber with small ventilation holes, to change the direction of air circulation, its shape.

A ventilation mesh should be preferred over a diffuser under the conditions of older high-rise buildings. Ventilation ducts work on the principle of differential pressure. The outputs of the system are in the walls. Installing a diffuser will not change anything. However, if under these conditions you make an air duct and hide it in the space between the false and the actual ceiling, the diffuser will facilitate the rapid movement of air flows.(lavender reed diffuser)