Market Highlights

Digital paper systems employ the use of e-ink which allows users to create handwritten documents and is a type of electronic paper which displays on an electronic device. Market Research Future has examined the global digital paper system market during the forecast period which ends in 2023. Digital paper systems use a dot pattern to identify pen positioning on the paper and then store the handwriting.

Digital paper is easily a true replacement of physical paper which has been known to clutter office spaces the world over. Many businesses are switching to digital paper systems as they are interactive, and responsive unlike common electronic paper/ Digital paper systems are created to be easy on the eyes and minimize straining. Digital paper systems are readable in direct sunlight. Moreover, in addition to easy reading digital paper systems have low power consumption requirements which make them energy efficient. Moreover, the lightweight and durable nature of digital paper systems are highly encouraging of adoption. Digital paper systems are also popular among designers and artists who want to sketch or doodle ideas for projects in a more environmentally sustainable manner among other things. The presence of various new technologies in the global digital paper system market, the growth and demand are expected to grow. Additionally, growing applications of digital paper systems will also have a strong impact on the growth of the global market.

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Segmentation of the global digital paper system market has been performed on the basis of technology, application, end-user, and region. Technology has been segmented into electrochromic, electrophoretic, electrowetting, and cholesteric LCD (CH-LCD), and others. The electrophoretic technology segment is expected to have the highest growth over the assessment period.

Applications of digital paper systems can be found in cellphones & music players, technology wearables, e-readers, and others. E-readers and cellphones are popular applications as the demand for e-books rises and consumers increasingly prefer the customization that digital paper offers.

End-users have been segmented to include consumer electronics, education, retail, and others.

Regional Analysis

Regions that have been covered in MRFR's report include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Rest of the World. North America is expected to account for the largest share of the global market while the Asia Pacific market grows at the most rapid pace. The growth of the digital paper market in North America is the presence of several developed economies like Canada and the US where there is a high adoption rate for advanced technology. Moreover, The region has several leading manufacturers who are actively involved in the technical advancement of digital paper systems, thus driving the growth of the market. The high use of digital technologies in the region indicates the regions high affinity toward the adoption of novel digital technologies. The Asia Pacific is a rapidly growing region due to the sheer presence of a massive population which is looking to improve their lifestyle with economic progress. The demand for advanced technologies is increasing in the region. Moreover, with high use of paper and the creation of large volumes of paper waste, consumers are increasingly adopting digital paper systems. Europe is another important region which is expected to grow significantly. Europe follows a similar growth pattern to that of North America.

Key Players

MRFR's detailed competitive analysis includes several leading market players in the global digital paper system market including LG Display (South Korea), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Xerox Corporation (U.S.),, Inc., Gamma Dynamics (U.S.), Delta Electronics, Inc. (Taiwan), E Ink Holdings, Inc. (Taiwan), Sony (Japan), Aveso Displays (U.S.), and Bridgestone Corp (Japan).

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