here's a list of 5 essential features you must include in your Android app.

1. Gesture control Smartphones today offer a wide range of different features to enhance your mobile experience. Android app development companies need to ensure that the application they build is keeping with the latest and most trending in mobile technologies. Gesture control has become something of a prerequisite Android apps. They serve as building blocks that enable Android app developers to integrate all kinds of different gesture control combinations to create a more engaging, functional and endearing app experience. 2. AI and voice commands Artificial intelligence or AI is something that is trending in Android mobile app development, and an increasing number of companies are developing applications integrated with AI to optimize their user experience. It helps in making your app-experience more seamless and modern where you can accomplish so much with simple voice commands. AI can be integrated and applied to virtually every type of application. Whether it’s for gaming, carrying out voice commands transactions or simple in-app voice assistance, the potential for AI applications app is only limited by the developer’s imagination. 3. Enterprise features Enterprise mobile app development has grown a lot ever since companies began recognizing the massive advantage of having an enterprise mobile app to streamline employee communication. For instance, employees are able to gain business information when they’re on the go via enterprise apps. This is why enterprise mobile apps are also trending in Android app development. Businesses everywhere are looking to have mobile enterprise apps that offer high performance, as well as stability. In addition to this, enterprises want apps that comprise CRM, ERP, as well as SAP integration. 4. Cloud computing Today, cloud computing is almost a necessity when it comes to Android application development, as cloud computing is used to develop a number of different apps, such as messaging applications, and more. And so, if your Android app is integrated with cloud computing capabilities, your app will gain popularity. 5. Mobile payment options With m-commerce becoming the primary way people make purchases, it only makes sense to include mobile payment options in your Android application. By enabling financial transactions in your Android app, you will ensure a holistic user experience.

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