Trading is an integral part of the world for pushing commerce and trade. It channelises economies which in the end meets the pangs of hunger and quenches the thirst for various things including food and essential beverages. So, the efforts go into them are inevitable and vital for sustaining lives. Forex trading is one such form that lives in proximity to international trades.

Market players indulge in forex trading for multiple reasons, including the business point of view and exchanging the currency while going overseas. But can you imagine earning money through forex without trading? It sounds quite indifferent when we hear or read, but there are ways.

Forex without Trading: Become a Forex Broker

Not many market players or forex investors think of becoming a broker in their wildest of dreams; it is because they focus only on booking profits directly and not passively. But they should know that brokers who indulge in brokering are no short of money or gains.

Brokers get their share of commission on both bidding, buying and selling the instrument or underlying assets. These middlemen do not need to invest their money in the forex market. Instead, they can act as a helper and guide traders through to purchase currencies.

Becoming a forex broker means you are the bridge between buyers and sellers. Today, when almost every work and transaction is transiting online, forex trading has become more comfortable. In earlier days, people had to use a pen, pencil and a notebook to write down about all bureau of tradings. Now, a panel of computer networks powered by algorithms do it.

What does a Forex Broker Need?

A forex broker should know about data, pattern, evolution, most prominent investors, time for investment, highs and lows of the market, triggering points and above all should have the ability for predicting what does the future unfold.

However, the competition is hyperactive in the tantalising market of uncertainties and volatility. But do you know, for a broker, fluctuations in the financial markets are like best friends? They ensure volumes of traders flocking at the door for claiming opportunities that come knocking the door.

Now, helping traders to lock their luck is the job of a broker. And for this, the individual doing so should have a conviction rate of hundred per cent. If you, as a broker are not convinced that a deal can draw profits, then no one can convince your client aka an investor.

So, as a broker, you must get yourself convinced about buying or selling a specific currency pair in a time. You know the competition is stiff between brokerage firms, they all are investing a lot in getting the infrastructure of IT and marketing in place for drawing right, quick information that can translate into voluminous clients. So, for attracting the attention of interested participants, a broker should be well-read.

Also, you have to make efforts to crack codes of deals that can prove advantageous for your clients. Their gains would translate in word of mouth, and your earning will elevate accordingly.

Forex Without Trading: Think Innovatively as a Broker

Trading platforms like Global Trade ATF and ROinvesting have such a team of brokers that bargain the most lucrative deals for their clients, which hold them firmly. You have to think that way to be a representative of your own brand of forex brokerage.

Plus, a broker, it is your duty that your client or investor does not meet with any losses. Offering them clever tips is important to win their trust over.

Even during the non-eventful days, you must get some investments by investors. It is your duty to introduce them to tools and charts that can create opportunities for them in the bearish market.

Forex without Trading: Affiliate Program

Affiliation is the next big thing and already growing at a quick pace across the world. It has become an alternative career, and in terms of forex trading, it is playing a major role in passive income. A trader can put aside the trading business and can make money alternatively. Isn’t that interesting?

You can create your platform by getting on board different brokerage firms at a single place. However, it may sound easy, but requires loads of efforts. You have to speak with renowned and budding brokers, explain your business plans and then generate an affiliate link.

Also, as you know, tradings are happening on online platforms; you have to be presentable. Some people create their websites and get it done. So, you do not have direct trading involvement in the forex trading, but you offer clients, several brokers, for choosing. Read More....