Diabetes medication: get rid of the high sugar levels:

When we generalize it is evident that it can be claimed that there are various types of treatments that can be termed under the category of diabetes medication. One can plan the measures and follow just by controlling the sugar level and maintenance of weight with appropriate exercising. These are used if the glucose level is not too high and can be controlled easily. Other than that there are some pills that are used so that the blood sugar level is controlled. But they are not the pills that contain insulin. There are some pills that are used for controlling weight as they play a major role in burning out of fats. In some cases pills work only if there is a minor production of insulin.

Role of the medicines:

There are various levels in which these medicines work as they enter into the blood stream directly. For the transfer of the extra glucose from the blood stream to the cells there is a requirement of appropriate production of insulin. The medicines work as an agent for controlling of sugar level. As the intake of alcohol is not favorable for the patients with diabetes it is advised that the intake of alcohol should be limited as it can hamper the effect of the medicines.

There are some side effects that are associated with the medicines like the occurrence of diarrhea or problems with the liver. Some medicines try to break the sugar and starches in the intestine so that by the time it enters into the blood stream there is a control on it.

Diagnosis of diabetes on time is also important But the appropriate combination of exercise and medication can prove as the best measure for the controlling of the sugar level. HbA1c test which is a three month of average of gulucose, Fasting Blood sugar & Diabetic basic profile test are also recomended by medical professionals.

Medications to raise the insulin level:

A medicine named Prandin is used so that the there is a stimulation that works so that the beta cells are released from the pancreas. There is an improvement observed in the renal function. The appropriate time of administering this drug is at the time of meals so that the other functions are regulated. The appropriate quantity of this medicine must be taken in so that a balance is maintained. There is another drug known as Starlix that is used so that risk of hypoglycemia is minimized.