A company's marketing message is often summed up in a business tagline, advertising slogan or mission statement and these few words encapsulate the ethos of a company. For example, Nike's slogan is 'Just do it, ' Budweiser's is 'The king of beers' and L'Oréal's is 'Because we're worth it'. Your marketing message is as important as your company's name as it sums up in a few words your key business message whether it reflects what you do as a business, what you produce or why your customers should buy from you and so on. It is important to stick to the same message and image in all activities of the business, to ensure the consistency of the message that is delivered to the audience. Scottish Rite ring

Your marketing message is a vital part of your brand so it should be communicated on all your business materials including promotional materials such as ring binders. Custom made ring binders can ensure that your message is read by the people who need to see it, your clients. Whether you are attending a meeting to secure new business or running a stall at an exhibition to gain new leads, custom ring binders can leave a lasting impression on your current and future clients. One of the main reasons why custom binders are so effective is that they are useful and clients can continue to use the binders after meetings, conferences and exhibitions which means your company's name will be a permanent fixture on your clients' desks.

The design options for custom ring binders are immense and can include intricate detailing such as embossing and stitching as well as straightforward branding with corporate colours, logos and your all important marketing message. As the options are so flexible, you can have your custom binders designed in line with the rest of your marketing materials so your brand is uniform across all your communications. By having your marketing message printed on all of your binders and stationery you can ensure that every time one of your team members uses a binder or other stationery they are reminded of the company's philosophy. This kind of clear communication lets your team and your clients know what your company is about, and binders are the perfect tools to carry the message that works for you.