Today I’m going to share the experience about one of the best hearing care centre which has helped many hearing impaired people to better their hearing abilities. In Chennai one of the hearing care center is running . That centre is to implies that sound when heared by those who have less hearing is music to the ears.

In that centre there are so many types of product is developed. Here we discuss some of the products.


In iphone hearing aid we have a embrace smart hearing machine. which is made from iphone direct stereo streaming and its seems like ipad and ipod touch. its provide effortless hearing in the most true-to-life way. This machine gives a natural sense of where the sounds are coming from.


The invisible hearing which means un-noticeable to un-imaginable technology.It enable new users to experience the benefits of better hearing right away.


It is a tiny structure of this hearing aid fits in the ears and its make it invisible to our eyes. Its hard to identify that you are wearing it.


This customized hearing aid is perfect satisfaction with our custom styles that are shaped accordingly to fit into your ear. It has three types of customized hearing aids are ITE which means in the ear , ITC which means in the canal and CIC it means completely in the canal.


This tinnitus is nothing but a continuous ringing sound is hearing in our ear that causes gives us huge discomfort. This tinnitus hearing aid it makes to easily hearing the conversation and music and sounds around you.our hearing care professional will help you which relief the sound is this best for you. Tinnitus actually adding the extra sound to the sound you already hear.


This paediatric hearing aid its easily for you to help children with hearing loss. The paediatric solutions which is suitable for childrens active lifestyle. It is compatible with wireless connectivity. The wireless system helps in efficient gaining control over the children. Childrens hearing aid is made by using advanced chip that are enabled to deliver a composed package. It is automatically adjust and it optimize the signal to noise level at the childrens ear. speech guard E which is delivered detail of the sound it helps for the childrens speech. It helps to improving the speech and understanding capacity for the children and speech audible and comfortable hearing aid in Chennai.


This wireless hearing aid is one of the trendy wireless hearing aid. some of the hearing aids are compatible with the wireless accessories such as mini microphone,remote control,phone clip. These accessories are available for hearing aid in Chennai. It is one of the instantaneous connection. Phone clip receives instant quality calls, stream stereo music and use the phone hands free. Remote control is based on touch activation and it controls the hearing aid,swap hearing modes. Mini microphone hear distant speech and its easily hear the sounds.


Behind the ear instruments if you have a very small canal means it makes difficult for custom made hearing aid to fit you ear. In this behind ear instrumentation some model is their they are miniRIE-minireceiver in ear,RIE- receiver in the ear, miniBTE-mini behind the ear,BTE- behind the ear.


It is the robust device and this pocket hearind aid is simple and convenient to use. It can fixed the program predefined depending on the hearing situations. It is easily to handle your family and friends. The seimens pockettio will develop your hearing sense in all environment.