Elkhorn Commercial Painting is a local family owned business for over 45 decades. The owners, Richard and Rita Smith began this business in their garage in 1969. They started painting out carports in the request of a friend. This was a terrific way to earn extra cash at first, but they expanded their services. Now, their solutions can be found throughout southwest Virginia and Loudoun County.

There are various kinds of work that may be done via this corporation. It does home maid services, outside painting, mural painting, brick work, and many other kinds of jobs. All of these are painters who could provide quality work for a fair price.

The painting business started out as just a service for one buddy. They were really needing some additional hands so they encouraged several people to help them. The business has grown to a point where they're almost completely booked most days of this week. This is very good for them since they do not need to pay an hourly wage to their workers. They are also not restricted to only a couple of areas.

Many of the customers are residential clients that want to get their house painted. They will sometimes get numerous orders on account of how hot they are. It has helped them increase to the degree at which they have the ability to supply expert work for high prices. This has enabled them to expand to several houses in the area. All this has enabled them to expand into a larger field of southwest Virginia.

The Elkhorn Commercial Painting Company is famous for the quality of work that is done inside the home. The air that's provided to a client is impeccable. The staff is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. The prices are cheap and the quality is great. Most people do not understand that a painting job may be done within the home, which allows them to spend less on the price.

People today will need to think about what the advantages are when employing a commercial painting company. They should check in the professionalism of the employees which are working. They should also make sure that the work is done inside a timely way. People should also think of the costs which are offered. All of these are things that need to be considered when looking at commercial painting jobs.

Elkhorn Commercial Painting does most of their work in two distinct locations. They have residential painting and they have also started doing some industrial painting also They have many residential locations where they do residential work, but they also have some industrial painting that they do in the areas that they have decided to venture into. Some of the industrial locations they've included have been in Sterling, Virginia and in Williamsburg, Virginia. There's even a store that's located at Salisbury, North Carolina.

When a person hires Elkhorn commercial painting they're getting top excellent work done on a nice budget Elkhorn Commercial Painting. They are able to supply an effective and timely service because of the high number of employees they have. They are extremely reputable and they understand that when they employ Elkhorn they could rest assured that the work will get done on time regardless of what. They do supply work that is appealing and attractive. They've experienced workers that have been in the field for a number of years and this means they'll be able to receive the industrial painting task done on time every time.