Sibling-ship DNA Test determines if siblings are the biological children of the same two parents or not. It also confirms if they are full or half-siblings. The test involves the independent analysis of the genetic profile of the two presumed siblings. This test is an indirect way to establish family relationships. A Siblingship DNA Test involves two types of testing: the results determining if the alleged siblings are full siblings, half-siblings, or not related at all.

Full Siblingship DNA Test: Siblings having the same biological parents are called full siblings. For example, a Full Siblingship DNA test is done when the siblings know they belong to one of the same biological parents, say the mother, and want to confirm if they also share the same biological father.

Half Siblingship DNA Test: Siblings having only one biological parent in common are called half-siblings. This test is ideal when the siblings know that one of their parents is not a biological parent, but they don't know if it's the alleged father or the alleged mother.

A Siblingship DNA Test calculates the Siblingship DNA Test. The presumed siblings are not related to each other if the index is less than 1.00. They are, however, biologically related if the index is more than 1.00. Various sources including, clothes, nail clipping, hair, chewing gum, cigarette butts, etc., can serve as a sample for the test, but a Buccal Swab remains the best. However, buccal swabs or blood samples are usually preferred.

A Siblingship DNA Test is also helpful for inheritance claims, immigration purposes, or just for parentage testing when one parent is unavailable or deceased.

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