Since the Technology has upgraded and companies are providing innovative solutions to their consumers, Volvo trucks are all set to enter the race by providing technologically advanced products in the Indian commercial market. They are one of the leading companies manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles. Volvo offers different varieties of development, from Tipper to truck or from truck to tractor.

They are engaged in producing trucks that will carry heavy loads and fulfil the needs of the commercial market. Volvo truck price ranges start from Rs 70 lakh and go up two different products. As a leading global company, environmental concern is the primary and core value of this company. They are always ready to support and fulfil emission norms.

Popular models of Volvo truck are as follows-

Volvo FH 520 Puller

This is the most famous popular across the Indian commercial market. This model offers a robust engine, high performance with greater stability and durability. This model contains a trailer body with a comfortable cabin providing a seamless experience to the driver. This model is a perfect choice for fulfilling the need for transportation and cargo, and heavy machinery.

Volvo FM 400 HD

This is one of the best heavy-duty trucks in the market, and it can carry heavy loads by having maximum payload capacity. This model contains a conventional multi-leaf suspension which is placed to provide a comfortable ride to the driver. This model also contains reverse parking hairs, which ensures the safety of the driver. It has a 12.8 litre of fuel tank capacity, which is excellent for long drives.

Volvo trucks are using advanced Technology and providing powerful advanced features to their customers in order to fulfil all the commercial purpose and transportation needs. For more updated information, stay tuned with us.