Daniel 8:24 “He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people.”

“Independent America: The Political Mafia & Judicial Tyranny”, a book by Dr. Fr. Daniel JP Imperato K.M.G.C.S.S.P.GM+OB is all set and soon to be released. It records Dr. Imperato’s journey through life, especially the years from 2008 onwards when he was hounded by the political mafia in the United States.

The book also states how Dr. Imperato is determined to run for the presidency in 2024 in his bid to the White House. He invokes the above verse from the Bible and has a firm view that it is time the US needed a third entity for recourse.

Undoubtedly, the United States is the greatest nation on planet Earth. A federal republic comprising 50 states, it is large, complex, and diverse, and home to immigrants from all parts of the world over centuries. The US has the oldest written constitution in the whole world and is in continuous use.

US citizens enjoy the power to vote for federal representatives, federal senators, and the president of the United States. With Democrats and Republicans as the two major parties dominating politics, other third parties are rarely competitive. The Democrats and Republicans have together governed America since 1848.

However, the system has a history of being subverted by the political mafia. Both parties have been heavily criticized for a corrupt system and where change is too often subject to deadlock.

“Independent America” is timely and with valid reasoning without overwhelming the legal double-speak. Every chapter in this forthcoming book will help you understand the role of the political mafia in the government and how to react to bring the nation back from the brink. It redefines everything as to what and how Americans should brace for an Independent America, and call for freedom in the future.

It could be disastrous now if good and uncorrupted men in the US do nothing now. It is high time to stand for the rights enshrined in the US constitution by the forefathers to defeat the evil designs of the corrupt political mafia. After all, it is us who are paying the price as common citizens.

Dr. Daniel Imperato's fight has just begun. “Independent America” as a book is the first step. It talks of a great leader in the rising and feature chapters leading to a battle for continued liberty and freedom in the coming 2024 election.

The recent broadly dismal human rights record of the Trump administration deteriorated further last year during transition. There were massive demonstrations throughout the country in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. A widespread racist backlash and the Black Lives Matter movement said quite a few things about governance in the US. Violent counter-protests made it worse. It seemed that politicians with the help of the mafia had succeeded in dividing the country.

Where is America heading? The question is still pertinent. How would you like to see America ten years from now? Deeply divided or united as one. US citizens here play a vital role. We can craft a worthy future that looks at us all with grace. Bigotry has no place. It is the people who make a country proud, leadership has got to be bipartisan. Failure to attain a bipartisan role will damage the values enshrined in the US constitution.

The release of “Independent America” is eagerly awaited. This worthy chronicle of events since 2008 is modishly presented to create awareness among US citizens for choosing a third worthy option for the sake of a truly great nation. Long Live America!

Meh Ali

Executive Assistant

AliveAdvisor Support Team

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