A não participa conscientemente das Guerra de preços https://sobradinhoec.com.br/casas-apostas/bodog/estrategia das casas de apostas. Seus coefficientes geralmente não são altos. Ao mismo tempo, sendo uma casa de apostas clássica, a tem sua Propria opinião e pode cair sób as apostas de arbitragem, saindo com preços mais favoráveis dos concorrentes. We note an important positive point - we have no downright low rates with a margin higher than 10%, which is praticada pelas Casas de apostas em mercados unpopulares.

For outstanding games at the main Championships, A offers higher odds, with a medium margin for these events of 3%. O que é comparável aos preços dos líderes (houses of apostas de Baixa margem). You can discover what events offer the highest odds by accessing the "news" section of the official site.


Pre-game probabilities low. In the medium and low leagues, the margin of the apostate House is between 5% and 8%. Um pouco melhor e as probabilidades para os melhores campeonatos-cerca de 4,5-5%. Nesta faixa, as margens mais baixas são geralmente nas principais ligas da Inglaterra, Espanha e Alemanha.


A margin for bets on Hockey NHL and KHL is of 5-5. 5% we results, no total and no handicap of 5%. For the remaining leagues, the margin price is at 5.5-7.5%.


A margem para apostas na NBA, na Euroleague, nos principais campeonatos europeus é de 5-5. 5%, probabilidades iguais: 1.9-1.9. In the remaining leagues, the margin is 7-7. 5% and the chances are equal: 1.85-1.85.


For the main competitions (ATP, WTA), the margin is between 5-6%. For tournaments with lower classification (ITF, Challengers), the margin is 7-8%.

The school of apostas and boa
A linha BK pode ser considerada uma das melhores no mercado de apostas. Em primeiro lugar, distinguida-se pela maior cobertura possível, tanto por esporte quanto pela escolha de competições diretamente (antes dos campeonatos regionais e juniores). Ao mismo tempo, para competições locais no Cazaquistão, a linha não recebeu expansão adicional.

Pintura da casa de apostas tem pontos fortes e fracos. Since it is a house of apostas da "velha escola" que escreve A linha, the proposed events can be in a minimum mural or estendido. Nos eventos mais populares, O BC oferta toda a gama possível de ofertas de apostas.

Football betting

For the classic set of offers (result, double chance, total E Handicap), a casa de Apostas offers additional bets on the exato result, the tempo de jogo. There is a whole set of totais e handicaps, totais individuais de equipes, comparação de inícios e gols de equipes.

Another reason why the bookmaker does not create an alternative website is the small (compared to other companies) stream of bettors. One site is enough for everyone to bet on sporting events without delays or inconvenience.

On the basis of which license KZ works
There are no questions about the legality of BC in Kazakhstan, since this bookmaker has a state license. In addition, the bookmaker also has an additional license to organize the draw.

As expected, the document was written by the Ministry of Tourism and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The license is valid from June 13, 2017 to June 13, 2027. Its scanning is published on the bookmaker's website. You can find this document in the "About Us"section.

There is not a word about the participation of the bookmaker in independent organizations on its website. However, in this regard, BC does not differ from other Kazakh companies that offer sports betting.

How to register on the site
How to register on the site

To register on the bookmaker's website, click on the corresponding button located at the top of the home page. You will see two registration options at the same time:

Via text. This is the fastest way to create a functional account on the BC website. You just need to enter a phone number, specify the currency in which you want to open an account and receive a message with a username and password to enter the site. Immediately after that, you will be able to replenish your balance and make your first bet.
Through data input. This is the standard way to register. To use it, provide the data for the subsequent login to the BC website and write information about yourself. All the fields you see in the screenshot are required. Be careful when indicating any information. The fact is that changing the login, name or currency after completion of registration will not work. After some time, a registration confirmation email will be sent to your email.
Whatever method of registration you choose, do not forget to agree with the rules of BC and confirm that you are already 21 years old. If you have not yet reached this age, it is better to wait with registration on the site , as the deception will still be revealed at the verification stage. We emphasize that verification is necessary for the withdrawal of funds.

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How to deposit and withdraw funds from the site
To replenish your account on the BC website, you can use the following methods:

Bank transfer. Open a bank account for this is not necessary.
Translation by Map. Unfortunately, at the moment this method does not work.
QIWI. You can replenish the balance through the QIWI terminal and using the usual Qiwi Wallet.
Astana Terminal-Flat. You can replenish your game account on any machine in the country.
Point of acceptance of payments. This is not the most convenient way to replenish your account, since it requires not only a physical presence at the point of reception, but also a written statement.
How to deposit and withdraw funds

Please note that all of the above methods are valid only in Kazakhstan. It is also important to understand that each deposit application must include its own unique registration number. To find out, click on the "deposit to your Account" button on the BC website.

To withdraw funds, you can use any of the above methods, not counting the Astana-Plat terminal. At this point, you will also need a registration number, so do not forget about it.

What bonuses can you get from
Generous bonuses are one of the main advantages of the bookmaker . Now on the bookmaker's website there are the following types of incentives, which apply to pairs and express:

First Deposit Bonus. BC issues 100% of the amount of the first deposit to the account. True, later this bonus should be wagered.
ALL-IN and Big-Stakes. These promotions are created especially for those who like to play a lot. They predict an increase in the maximum bet amount.
"Bonuses for the most active customers."This promotion is held daily. The bookmaker selects the most active users and pays a certain percentage of the turnover or loss.
"Bonus for superexpress". This bonus allows you to receive up to 20% of the maximum amount of the receipt. BC also provides the opportunity to return up to 30% of the largest lost receipt.
"Bonus for competent express."As part of this promotion, lucky bettors receive bonuses for correctly placed expresos with high odds. This bonus is credited based on the results of the day, week and month.
"Bonus for the express bet on football and hockey."The essence of this bonus is clear in its name. True, to get it, you need to make a winning express.
"Preferential express". BC himself calls this bonus "special". The fact is that it is activated when the bettor does not guess one of the events on The Express. In this case, your bet is refundable. Naturally, this happens only when certain conditions are met.
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What can you bet on the website of
The bookmaker offers three main varieties of bets:

For the result. For most sports, the bookmaker defines three outcome options: first team/athlete win, second team/athlete win, draw.
Ready. Handicap denotes an artificially created advantage that is given by one of the teams or athletes. The handicap balances the difference between the favorite and the underdog.
For the total. This term refers to the total number of points earned during a match by both teams or athletes. For some games, BC provides for the possibility of putting the total in a certain range or round.
It should be noted that the bookmaker also offers bettors the creation of new offers for the market, that is, the creation of their own bets. It can be a bet that there will be no draw, one of the teams will not waste any time, etc.

What sports are present in the line
What sports can you bet on

The line of the bookmaker can be called average. It contains all the popular and not particularly popular sports in our country, but something completely unusual can not be found in it. Perhaps the most non-standard discipline in the BC line can be considered ski jumping.

Bets on eSports on the BC website are also present. The bookmaker included bets on Dota 2, Counter-Strike and League of Legends in its line, that is, it covered the most popular esports disciplines.

But the bookmaker supplemented its site with political bets, which are placed in a separate category. Bettors are also invited to bet on horse racing, dog racing, virtual sports. Please note that not all bookmakers include these events in their line.

How to bet
All current bets are placed directly on the main page of the BC website in the "exchange bets" section. Just below you can find "last minute bets", that is, predictions for matches that are already in progress or are about to start.

Bets are divided by discipline. Next to the discipline, competitive teams or athletes are indicated. On the right, the date and time of the match are recorded, and on the right you can see the category of the event.

To place a bet, simply click on one of the teams or a certain athlete. You will see a page with more details about the potential bet.

The fact is that on the site bets are not made against the bookmaker, but against other bettors. This is clear in the inscription"how your opponent sees your offer".

To find out the possible winnings, enter in the appropriate field the amount you intend to bet. You can immediately track the possible winnings of the opponent and make an informed decision on the completion of the bet.

To place a bet, simply click on the "offer bet" button. True, before that you will have to replenish the account at least for the minimum amount.

The live betting site of is enough
it offers bettors a sufficient number of live bets. On average, there are around 150 events from the world of sports and eSports per day on the bookmaker's live lines.

offers bettors a fair amount of live betting

On the BC website there is a convenient division of bets into "now live"and" will start later". Betting and odds information is updated automatically. This usually happens without errors or delays.

The extremely limited number of live streams is one of the main disadvantages of the bookmaker . To keep up with developments in the game, bettors often need to go to third-party sites and at the same time observe the constantly changing odds on the site of BC itself.

How to bet on a phone

Home of apostas vê o jogo de uma maior atenção, o jogador topdressing painting тоталов and odds, tem capacidade of, in addition, fazer apostas on results and golos, ms intervals of time, combinação of results and of тоталов, canto e cartão de cair na haste, and to trave, to exata diferença na conta individual estatísticas de jogadores e muito mais.

The quality of painting depends on the time-the maximum number of markets that a casa de apostas dá na linha para o dia do evento. A linha de apostas iniciais é mais escassa.

Apostas in ténis

A pintura no tênis depende do nível da partida, desde o mínimo (solo resultado ou resultado, total e handicap) até o estendido com os markets for statistical indicators.