Are you planning to buy real estate in Lahore? Here in this article, we shall discuss some important buying and selling procedures you need to know.

Table of contents

  1. Where can you buy real estate in Lahore?
  2. How can you sell your house in Lahore?
  3. How can you check property owner online in Pakistan?
  4. What is the procedure for selling a house?
  5. Conclusion

Where Can You Buy Real Estate in Lahore?

Lahore being the capital of Punjab is a city of great importance. The historical city has been the point of attraction throughout the past. Currently, also, Lahore is of great importance being the capital. People prefer to live in Lahore or near it to enjoy the facilities.

With the overwhelming demand of the people to live in the city, there are multiple housing societies are developed to facilitate the public. In this regard, DHA Lahore, Lake City Lahore, Bahria Town, Askari Housing Scheme, and Fazia Housing scheme are some of the major housing societies in Lahore.

These societies are loaded with modern facilities and provide a lavish lifestyle to the public in general. Additionally, with the rise in demand for property in Lahore, the property is expensive comparatively.

Moreover, the rates are not the same in every scheme and colony, yet you need to do complete research before you invest.

How Can You Sell Your House in Lahore?

To sell a property is not so difficult in Lahore because the investors and other people take great interest in buying the property. All you need is to price the property according to the market value.

It means that you need to be aware of the market value of the property in the future but you cannot ask for that price in the present. Moreover, the real estate business is a boom in the capital city therefore you can contact various real estate agents to find a suitable buyer for your property in Lahore.

How Can You Check Property Owner Online in Pakistan?

The government has facilitated the public to check property status online. For that reason, you need to get internet access and check the property ownership status online.

Once you get internet access, you need to visit to check the property ownership. Similarly, to check the property ownership in Sind, you need to visit

What Is the Procedure for Selling a House?

The procedure of selling a house is so simple if you know the basics and modern technology. First of all, you need to hire a professional photographer who can take some good pictures of your property. Moreover, you need to set market competent price for the property in Lahore.

Further, you can hire a property agent who will find a buyer for you. The real estate agents are the people who mediate between buyer and seller on commission-based services. As we have discussed earlier, you can use modern technology to find a property portal like to buy or sell property online.


To conclude, we can say that Lahore property is a much-desired investment in Pakistan. You can buy and sell real estate in Lahore in several ways. No doubt, the property is somehow costly in the capital city, but the future value is unmatchable altogether.