Instability and painful nerve impulses can be extremely harmful to anyone with neuropathy. Treatments that consumers can use to try to relieve problems may be helpful for some people, but others appear to be getting worse. Pain medications come with many dangers, and drug addiction is just one of them.

Sometimes these drugs can do more harm than good, making the user dizzy, tired, and different. These side effects can even get so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to work, take part in family activities, etc. The harm can severely limit the user's options, but the Neuropathy No More Guide describes what users can do to fully heal.

Neuropathy No More was developed by Jodi Knapp, a doctor who focuses on natural healing. Rather than looking directly for a treatment for neuropathy, the program focuses on finding the cause of the nerve pain. Jodi's theory is that the cause of this problem is the health of the intestines, which is full of natural bacteria. The bacteria are primarily intended to help balance the gastrointestinal tract. However, toxins can build up over time and cause digestive problems.

If the body cannot properly digest its nutrients, it cannot meet its needs. Bacteria are incredibly sensitive, which means users must provide their bodies with adequate nutrition and healthy eating habits. In addition, healthy bacteria in the gut can die over time, and the No More Neuropathy guide shows users how to prevent these problems.

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