Matte black kitchen cabinets are increasingly becoming popular. This dark addition to the kitchen has its pros and cons that homeowners need to consider before deciding to install them. Here, we’ll guide you through the top benefits and drawbacks of matter black kitchen cabinets to help you decide.

The Benefits:

  1. Trendy

The top reason why you should consider this option in your kitchen is that it is one of the top trends in the kitchen today. Many homeowners are using dark themes in their kitchens and your kitchen won’t appear odd when you choose this option. \

  1. Amazing finishes

The finishes of matte black are amazing. They look superior in the kitchen and would create an effect of a classic kitchen. For the finishes to be amazing, you have to ensure that they have coated the cabinets with a good paint of matte black. You can use cabinetry spray to add a shiny look to the cabinets.

  1. Leaves no traces

Matte materials do not leave traces on the cabinets. They are resistant to fingerprints compared to glossy cabinets. Furthermore, they do not reflect light and therefore you cannot see any dirt on them.

  1. Elegant

It is not a secret that matte black cabinets are more elegant than brighter cabinets. Color black is associated with the high and mighty in society. Therefore, it can be used to share a statement of wealth and affluence.

The Drawbacks:

  1. Don’t reflect light

Instead of reflecting light, matte black cabinets absorb light. This gives the kitchen an opaque look. It also makes the kitchen appear much smaller than it is because there is no light reflected. Therefore, it is not an ideal option for homeowners with smaller kitchen spaces.

  1. Hard to clean

Whilst it is hard to notice dirt on the surface of matte black kitchen cabinets, they are also hard to clean. Homeowners rarely notice dirt on them so they don’t wipe often leading to stuck-up oil and grease on them, which might be hard to remove. As a tip, it is important to clean the cabinets regularly to eliminate unseen dirt.

  1. Makes the kitchen dull

Dark colors are not good for creating an inviting and exciting kitchen mood. They make the rooms dark, and uninviting. Therefore, you will need to invest in lighting to warm up the kitchen if you have installed matte black cabinets.

Final say:

Matte black kitchen cabinets are a great choice if you have a large kitchen space. You should install them using a professional interior designer who will guide you to get the best out of this cabinetry style.