Disinfecting UV rays do not miss out on killing the germs present on surfaces unlike the traditional, hot water, chemical disinfectant liquids and so on. Bleaches and other chemicals can harm us in deadly ways. So, choose products that have UV light disinfection robot to see effective results and less harmful method.

Why should we use UV light disinfection?

  • UV light disinfection is non-toxic and environment-friendly, unlike harsh chemicals. It is often used as a cleaner and sanitiser for numerous products.

  • Restaurants, hospitality, and medical firms use UV light disinfectants as it is safe to use for prepping and packaging food.

  • UV light disinfectant is one of the most effective and dry methods of destroying harmful viruses, bacteria, spores and moulds. While other methods are less likely to make the surface clean from these harmful organisms.

However, it requires proper protection and exposure to humans because excess UV can be toxic and harmful.

If you are not up for using UV light sanitizing methods, there are certain equipment that helps you disinfect your commodities without direct contact with the light. Such equipment is disinfecting cabinets which help you get rid of harmful germs in less than five minutes.

What is the product?

A Smart Guard disinfection cabinet is one of the most useful items that you can have. This cabinet disinfects 99.9 per cent of germs from your daily items. Such as school supplies, laptops, electrical equipment, clothing and so on.

The best part is that it works so quickly and gives germ-free items in a few minutes. This is possible because it uses pulsed xenon UV lights that are powerful. They have germicidal and antibacterial features.

Smart Guard disinfecting equipment is environment-friendly and non-toxic. That means it uses an optimum amount of UV lights that are known to be hypoallergenic.

If you are a company that likes to customise its products then you can do it on the Smart Guard cabinet for disinfecting your supplies. It comes in three heavy-duty sizes- high, medium and small cabinet. Each having a different capacity to disinfect items.

Finance and rental options for smart guard disinfectant cabinet-

Smart Guard offers financing options for their disinfectant cabinet line. If you don’t want to buy it, then rent it. There are options for financing and renting these UV light disinfecting cabinets. You can select the best suitable rentals from their yearly, monthly, and no payment for 90 days.

All customers can access these flexible financing options for future security. Don’t worry, it qualifies under GAAP standards for rental and leasing.

The first rental option includes an ADaaS 1 year program which includes maintenance and service. The second includes purchasing the cart for 90 days with zero down payment. And, the last is the leasing option which has 3,5 and 7-year plans with multiple aspects of leases.

If you are interested in buying or renting this extremely useful disinfectant Cabinet, contact the finance team right now (856) 887-6278 or their email [email protected] Guard -solutions.com