The Durban strain stands out as a unique type of weed that you find that easily. Due to its fruity and pure Sativa genetics from Durban Poison along with the CBD-rich mellow marijuana strain known as Carmen, this strain has become a medical masterpiece. Along with that, this particular hybrid strain is perfect for those individuals who have a low tolerance of THC. It will retain the psychoactive influence that will help in holding the interest for all the seasoned smokers out there.

Things to know about the Durban Strain

The Durban poison or strain carries a THC level of 15% to 25% and is equipped with a sublime fruity profile. When you smoke the bud, you will instantly feel energized, which will help in sharpening your mind. Apart from that, the strain can also modulate the mood and motivate creativity. Even though it can be pretty fruity, but will also deliver minty and herbal notes as well.

Because of its potent genes combined with the indica nature of Carmen, Durban Poison has become a lot for popular for its medicinal and recreational uses across the globe. You will also get to taste its earthy sweetness not just on your tongue but also one your nose.

Try the unique Durban strain

The Durban strain will not just provide you with an excellent hit, but will also help you mentally and physically. The strain will provide you with a deep sense of mindfulness and help you get rid of all your depression and anxiety instantly. Along with that, it can also heal the inflammatory potent analgesic properties. You will also gain relief from arthritis, cramps, and even cancer.