Instant messaging apps connected users across countries, but people often forget to communicate with their neighbours living next door. Nextdoor clone app is exclusively designed to bridge this gap between the people in the neighbourhood. This community app allows users to chat with their neighbours and help each other in times of need. In addition to this, Nextdoor clone for businesses helps shop owners to connect with their neighbourhood customers and offer insights on their products and offers. Building a community app for your business with impeccable features can turn your Nexdoor clone to be the neighbourhood’s unbeatable option.

What Are The Imperative Features You Can Have In Your Nexdoor Clone Script?

Having exciting features can attract more customers to use your app. More customers, in turn, generate more revenue for your business. Below are some of the features that you can consider having in your app

Locality knowledge: It can provide extensive knowledge regarding the user that resides in the locality. By this, the user can know about the local businesses, service providers and their neighbours.

Events: It notifies the user of events such as community events, auctions, and property sales that happens in their locality.

Lend your Helping Hand: If any users are in need of anything in a crisis situation, they can give details about that in the app. Any neighbours who wish to help can volunteer and support them.

Business Page: It helps shop owners to display all the details of the business like shop timings, location, type of business, and more.


What you see is just a glimpse of the neighbourhood app, and there is a lot more to it. If you’re interested in launching a community app like Nextdoor, feel free to reach our TurnkeyTown team, who can lay a successful path for your busines