It has become an urgent requirement amid the brilliant sun of the summer. More than two-thirds of the year, summers remain in Pakistan. Without it, summers may be quite hard. Meter of price. To settle your difficulty, Lahore center offers a wide choice of A.C. items in Pakistan. If you wish to add new ones or replace existing ones, you are guided to the correct area. Lahore Center offers you the widest selection of low-cost options from its websites globally.

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Best Inverter A.C. to Buy in Pakistan in 2021

In the summer, it's complete. With a bubbling sun and dry rage, anybody could grill. Under some weather circumstances, an A.C. shows to be a godsend. It cools the temperature of your home and allows you to rest and relax.

Several brands in Pakistan provide affordable, premium air conditioners. Learn more about inexpensive A.C. inverters in Pakistan

  1. Gree

Gree is one of the most prestigious air conditioning brands in Pakistan. Pakistan's high-quality products and excellent customer services are renowned. Gree Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs. 75,900. The latest development of the firm is based on the 1-tonne Heat & Cool Split AC GS-12AITH11S inverter.


  • Latest Powerful G-10 Inverter
  • Energy Efficient
  • Up to 60% Electricity Saving.
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Broad frequency Ultrasound/Low-frequency torque control accurate check
  • Faster refrigeration and heating
  • R410A Power Factor Correction Eco-friendly Coolant 99%
  • Control of ultra-low noise
  • Control of Computer Simulation
  • Auto tension adjustment (150-260 V)
  • 3 Sleeping Curves 4 Way Air Flow
  • Low Voltage Startup - 150V Self Diagnostic Electric Box Fire Proof
  • Consensus Double Layer
  1. Haier

Our list contains the second option for the famous Haier brand. It is a brand in China that manufactures high-quality items which last years. This Haier A.C. inverter is one of the most incredible options on the market. Haier Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs. 88,950/-. The A.C. converter also comes with an intelligent interface that allows you to operate your A.C.


  • Power Input (W): 320~1428
  • Running Current (A): 1.4~6.8
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Air Circulation (m3/h): 650
  1. Kenwood sleek Inverter

By developing in the industry economical yet highly efficient air conditioners, Kenwood still maintains its business. New A.C. Kenwood. Inverter helps you save money as your monthly accounts are supported using the newest technologies. And the Kenwood Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs. 55.000


  • Up to 60% Energy Efficient
  • DC Inverter Compressor
  • R410a Gas
  • I-Feel Function
  • Auto Clean Function
  • 4D Air Flow
  • 100% Copper Pipe
  • Anti-Fungus Function
  • Heat & Cool Function
  • 5 Year Warranty
  1. Orient Ultron Royal DC Inverter

With Ultron Royal's largest in-house unit and 4D aircraft, it's one of the top inverter options for Pakistan. Gold-plated evaporators and condensers keep the device free of corrosion and work all seasons. In Orient Ultron royal dc Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs. 62,000. Intelligent features like Wi-Fi, A.I., and Voice Command make it a future A.C.


  • 4D Air Throw R410 Eco-friendly low-voltage coolant operation For All Weather Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser (Heat & Cool)
  • Gold Fin Evaporator & Condenser for long-lasting
  • Rust-free service.
  • R410 Innovative environmentally sound refrigerant for atmospheric protection.
  • Low voltage (150v) operations to assure, under all conditions, no operational effect.
  1. Dawlance Sprinter Inverter

Dawlance is one of the oldest Pakistani companies recognized for the production of high-end, durable A.C. inverters. Dawlance Sprinter Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs.55000/-. Dawlance Sprinter Inverter A.C. is one of the most prevalent A.C. inverters.


  • Quick Cooling Long Air Throw
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detection
  • Fire Proof Control Box
  • Corrosion & Rust Free with Gold Fin
  • High-Efficiency Tubing enlarges the heat transfer area
  • Heat & Cool Function
  • Multiple Programming Feature (Timer)
  • Sleep Mode
  • Indoor Unit Cooling Operating Range (° C)
  • Condenser Fin
  • ERR 3.21
  • Cooler liquid R410 A
  • Energy in Heating (W) 1100
  • Voltage Range 220-240
  1. Homage Prism Inverter

Homage is a respectable producer, the following A.C. Split converter on our list. Prism Heat and Cool Tribute Prism Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Lahore is Rs. 70.000/ - 1 tons (HPS-1802S). Some of the critical functions are in the inverter A.C.:


  • Feature heat and cool
  • I-Feel Intelligent Sleep Mode Compressor DC inverter
  • Function of antifungal
  • High environmental refreshing Easy Self Cleaning Car Restart
  • Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins Tropical T-1 Heat and Cool
  • Copper Pipes 100%
  • Energy efficiency by up to 60%
  • Hidden LED Display Installation Kit 100% Pure Cup Stabilizer not available 3D Air Flow Lang Distance Air to throw.
  • R410A 10 year compressor
  • A one-year warranty on parts. Gold Fin Car Cleaning Gas

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