Nobody can overstate the significance of a hotel website. Every hotelier needs their own platform to get direct bookings. To catch their visitors’ attention, they usually do focus on slow-loading background video, flashy animations, and complicated templates. All of these kinds of stuffs look cool. But will they really help to get direct bookings? No, not at all. So, do you know what features you should must-have in your hotel website design? Let’s check out what are the essential elements of a hotel website: -

Easy Navigation

Numerous people prefer to browse websites that are easy to understand and use as compared to visually complex websites. With clear navigation, you can organize your website content well – amenities, services, room descriptions, packages, if any, etc. Also, add a strong call to action like check room availability, book now, view rooms buttons on your website.

Top Quality Images

Show off your property’s best features with excellent quality images. You can highlight your property’s exterior, rooms, and also, location that have the great power to sell. Great photography works well to grab the visitors’ attention. Besides, you can also add slideshows on your gallery page to attract travelers.

Social Proof: Guest Reviews and Testimonials

Most travelers prefer to check guest reviews and testimonials before booking their stay. These social proofs help them make the right decision. So, you should have a dedicated page for ‘Reviews & testimonials’ on your website. Also, don’t forget to keep them updated and fresh using plugins and widgets.

Schema Markup

Adding schema markup code is one of the best ways to assist search engines understand better such as room availability, check-in/check-out time, pet-friendly, etc. If you implement the review schema, then your website will start showing star ratings in the Search Engines.

Loading Speed

Consider a website that is slow to load? Will you stay on the website for longer? Probably not! If you own a hotel website that takes longer than three seconds to load, then you will lose a lot of bookings. Ensure that your website page load time is quick.

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