Would you like to offer someone special an amazing bouquet, one that she will love? Ladies appreciate receiving flowers as this is a lovely gesture, a symbol of respect and appreciation. What they do not like is that eventually they have to throw their bouquet away as it withers in a few days. The smartest thing you can when offering a bouquet is to choose a wood flower bouquet that will last for a long time and that will not have to be disposed of.

What Are the Benefits of Wood Flower Bouquet?

Numerous persons enjoy giving flowers to the special persons in their lives, to remind them of how much they care for them. This gesture is beautiful. Recently, people have learned about the fact that natural flowers are not their only option and that it is possible to order a wood flower bouquet or to make it by themselves. There are various advantages to creating such a bouquet on your own:
• You can have it customized as you please; you get to decide if you want a small bouquet, a medium one or a large one.
• You can add fragrance to your bouquet to make it more appealing and more personal; there are so many essences you can choose from and you should keep in mind the preferences of the receiver before scenting the bouquet.
• The possibility to create multiple shapes- why should you narrow down your options when you have the possibility to create all sorts of flowers and shapes? Your bouquet can have a unique look, any look you have in mind and you will be pleased to see that these flowers are not difficult to shape.
• Sola flowers are easy to handle as they are lightweight
• It enables you to express your preferences and your style.

As you can see, offering a wood flower bouquet will show the recipient how special he/she is to you. DIY enthusiasts that love innovating and creating things on their own will certainly find it rewarding to make a bouquet. To do so, they will have to order the right supplies from a reliable source and search online for what they need for a bouquet. The Internet is a useful source of inspiration and there are reputed websites that offer many useful tutorials on how to work with sola wood flowers.

How to Dye Sola Flowers?

Sola flowers have an ivory color, which is quite beautiful. Nonetheless, people love the fact that they can dye these flowers in any color they have in mind. This process is not complicated and you should not get discouraged, even if you are new at it. It is possible to dye sola flowers with the following:
• Watercolors
• Latex paint
• Spray paint
• Natural dyes

The most common ones are latex dyes because they have unique properties and they resist dirt and have a wonderful shine. After you shape the flower, you can go ahead and apply the dye with a soft brush. Make sure that you do not damage the fiber of the flower and paint it delicately. An important process when dying a wood flower bouquet is to choose the right type of paint. Spray or oil paints are recommended as they do not have any water content that will damage the flowers. Oil paint offers a great shine and it creates a protective layer. Spray paints are known for their volatile nature and they evaporate quickly, being a great option.

Another aspect that you have to pay attention to is to use a sufficient amount of dye and cover the entire surface of the flowers. The good news is that the application of dye prolongs the life of sola flowers and it keeps insects away. Using an excessive amount of die is not recommended for it will require too much time to dry and it will load the flowers. Paint is a great choice for those that want to dye sola wood because of the resistant film it creates over the surface of the flowers. Also, you should make sure to provide adequate dry time after the painting process. You can visit our website for more tricks and trips on how to shape, dye and scent these amazing flowers and to obtain an elegant and unique look.

Why Make Your Own Wood Flower Bouquet?

It is possible to have a sola flower bouquet ordered online; there are reliable suppliers that put at your disposal amazing bouquets at competitive prices and that are known for their excellent customer service and fast delivery. However, there is nothing more rewarding than making your own wood flower bouquet just the way you want it. The good news is that you do not need to have excellent crafting skills for this; you just need patience, time and the right supplies. With so many tutorials available online, chances are you will master this art faster than you imagined.

It is worth mentioning that making your own wooden flowers is relaxing and rewarding; if you feel stressed and you are interested in a hobby that will help you forget about your worries, you should consider shaping wooden flowers. There are reliable providers that put at your disposal an impressive selection of supplies and that provide useful tutorials on how to work with sola flowers.

Overall, you should give it a try and make your own wood flower bouquet that you can preserve for as long as you please. You will be pleased to see how relaxing this process is and how much fun you can have. Whether you do it yourselves or with a friend or your significant other, one thing is certain: you will have a wonderful time and you will look forward to repeating this process. We should all find the time every once in a while, to do things that we enjoy, to create beautiful flowers that are designed to withstand the test of time and to be creative.