A coil winding refers to the manufacturing of electromagnetic coils. Basically, these coils are used as components of circuits. It is responsible for providing the magnetic field of motors, transformers, and generators. These coils are also used in the manufacturing of systems like loudspeakers, microphones, and musical instruments like guitars.

A Coil Winder Machine is required to make these coils. As far as the design of the coil winding is concerned, there are certain parameters that are considered, such as inductance, Q factor, insulation strength, and strength of the desired magnetic field. And, the shape and dimensions of a winding are designed in order to fulfill any particular purpose. And, there are various factors to be considered while coil winding for transformers. These factors are a number of loops, wire cutting, wire hooking, wire tension, despooling, and traversing.

Types of Coil Winding Machine

The discussed types of this type of machine are based on the common mechanism of working.

Manual Motor Coil Winding Machine

This type of machine is highly useful for small-scale industries or workshops wherein the winding requirement is not too frequent. These machines tend to give precise results in terms of coil loops. Just as the name suggests, manual coil winding machines are operated with hands.

Transformer coil winding machines

This machine type is best known for its flexibility, robustness built, and durability. The Transformer Winding Machine is capable of winding the coils of various sizes and shapes for the transformers.

Toroidal Coil Winding Machine

This machine type is also known as CNC linear machine. These machines are best for automated winding solutions for customized one-off coils. And, also for small quantity batches of coils.

Armature Coil Winding Machine

This Coil Winder Machine type is known for its ingeniously designed device with hook commutators. These are ideal for standard and customized armature field coil winding needs.

Make sure you find a leading & innovative coil winding equipment manufacturer who offers both custom and standard solutions for virtually any coil winding application you may ever need. You can check out the range of products they offer, so you may not need to find another manufacturer for additional coil winding applications.

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