I am always looking for unique ideas for weddings and receptions. One of my Twitter followers, Partipig (an Atlanta-based event planning company) sets up hookah tables for the wedding guests. I thought this would be a unique idea for someone who wants a Moroccan style wedding reception or just something else.

After watching Party Pig’s presentation for an event called * Bridalpalooza, I was intrigued to learn more about this company and the hookah setup. So I contacted Sky Lee, the owner of Partipig, to find out exactly “what this shisha is all about”. (hookah accessories)

For those who don’t know what a hookah is, the hookah itself is shaped like a slim vase that varies in height and has one, two, three, or four openings in the middle for a pipe. The upper part consists of a bowl and a bowl. In the vase, water is added to a hose that is connected to the rest of the hookah. The shisha (tobacco) goes into the bowl.

Water pipes are completely legal and safe. There is absolutely no nicotine, so hookah addiction is impossible. He is a non-smoking smoker. (hookah online)

A shisha can be used as the centerpiece of a wedding reception. “Since it emits a lot of smoke, save it for a gathering outside, on a patio, or in an open garage. Buy exotic flavored tobacco such as apricot, mint, cola, jasmine, caramel, or a flavored cocktail. Play soft, relaxing music for a hypnotic effect. “Ehow.com

Hookah bars are very popular here in Chicago. Instead of going to the expensive hookah bar, it might be a good idea to use one as the centerpiece of your next event. There is a local store in Chicago, Guess Hookah, that sells hookah accessories and supplies. Just tell your wedding or party planner that you want to install a hookah and they should be able to accommodate it.

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