Dash cameras have become a very important part of every driver's vehicle. A dash cam is a special video camera that is mounted on the dash. Usually found directly behind the driver, it monitors various controls and instrumentation for the car's performance. It can record up to sixty hours of video and audio.

With a dash cam, insurance companies are able to determine fault, claims payment amount, as well as claim length. These devices help protect drivers from unnecessary accidents. Installing dash cams is usually done by the insurance provider, which is why drivers need to purchase a dash cam from a reputable dealer. Installing a dash cam in vehicles with factory installed dashboards can be risky as the wires can get entangled and cut.

It is important for drivers to know how to use their dash cams. A dash cam should be viewed from a standing position. Most dash cams mount underneath the dash, so drivers should first make sure they can unhook the mount from its post. There is usually a small hole on the bottom side of the mount. Drivers should avoid mounting their cams on the console as the view from there can be obscured.

Dash cams can be used to monitor passengers as well as the front and back seat of the car. If a rear-end collision occurred, dash cams will record details of the license plate and car make and model. The information can then be sent to the company. Car manufacturers also provide dash cams with custom lens for better image quality. There are many different models and brands of dash cams available on the market.

Some dash cams record the whole drive without sound. In this case, when someone else is driving, they will hear the recording. Drivers can set the "on record" time to start when they begin their drive or when they get near the end.

Some dash cams can be attached to the windshield of the vehicle and can be viewed through the driver's window. This allows drivers to look into the rear view mirror while they are driving. Drivers should check their dash cam's compatibility with their existing windshield before purchasing a new model. Some dash cameras do not attach to the windshield at all. This type of cam does not record video or pictures. It records to an SD card and can be read using an SD reader.

In addition to recording dash cam video, some dash cams also have another feature that drivers may find useful. Some dash cams can be equipped with a magnetic stripe. This magnetic stripe is used to identify the car in case it is lost or stolen. It is important to always carry around a piece of paper with the number and letter(s) that indicate the car's make and model with you.

Today, dash caps are popular for their visibility and flexibility. Many people use dash cams because they make driving more secure and drivers more aware of what is going on around them. dash cams are available in many different styles and colors, making them a safe way to record video while driving. They can be discreetly mounted in the dash or can be used in conjunction with another piece of equipment.

There are certain types of dash cams that also perform other functions. The OBD scan, for instance, can help owners diagnose their cars. OBD stands for on-board diagnostics scan. These scanners can detect problems with the engine and other parts of the vehicle, providing owners with information on why there are issues. Some dash cams also have features that allow drivers to monitor their fuel efficiency and carbon monoxide levels.

Dash cams are not recommended for drivers under the age of 18. Installing one in this age group can cause legal problems and subject the driver to fines and/or penalties. Parents should also consider purchasing a dash cam that can be installed directly into the dashboard. These units are designed to be used with car alarms that will detect intruders. A parent can then remotely control the camera from anywhere, thus ensuring that their child is safe and secure. While these units cannot replace a parent's skills of observation, they can certainly help a parent to monitor their children when they are out of sight.

dash cams are not only a great investment for businesses and residences, they are also an excellent choice for individuals who want to ensure that they are both secured and protected. If you are considering purchasing a dash cam, it is best to do your research before shopping. There are many different makes and models to choose from and prices vary accordingly. Shop around so that you can get the right kind of product for your budget. Dash cameras are an affordable way to ensure safety and security for both your home and business.