The United States Air Force has been seeking to utilize smaller radar satellites in order to discover moving objects on the ground as well as the Space Force will help to make it occur, the head of space operations General John Raymond said in a statement. A project to demonstrate the utilization of radar satellites for GMTI that short for ground transferring target indicator which has been followed in secret since 2018 by the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office. Raymond further added that this effort will be talked more about to permit additional participation from the commercial space industry

He further revealed that the both Space Force and the Air Force are collectively operating on different ideas for the deployment of GMTI satellites. According to the report, the Air Force recently utilized big aircraft that called as JSTARS (Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System) which are mostly equipped with several radar sensors to terminate objects against the ground clutter. JSTARS need bigger crew as well as the Air Force for decades has been worried about its aircraft as well as operators that are unsafe to enemy air-defense missiles when moving over difficult zones

Rader satellites as well as surveillance from space has been outlook of the National Reconnaissance Office. He added that there are increasing demands for strategical level ISR i.e. intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Therefore, it will become an essential growth zone for the Space Force. He also revealed that the systems can be installed at lower cost because satellite and other launch services are more affordable.

A spokesperson of the Space Force stated that the Rapid Capabilities Office of Air Force started recognizing space-based GMTI technologies in 2018 with a target to deploy a brand-new system before JSTARS aircraft are capturing out of service. The space-driven GMTI system will replace a part of the JSTARS sensing capability which will further surpass the range of restriction of recent air platforms and meanwhile, deliver several capabilities in resisting and non-resisting environments. It is another pathway to harness information from the space domain and utilize it is assistance of military operations.