What is your idea of a perfect Canada vacation? Pristine nature, soothing weather, rustic towns, great food, and a lot of activities to calm your adventure cravings, isn’t it right? The best place to spend a summer weekend in Canada is Muskoka. Those who are already aware of the awe-inspiring views of this beautiful place should start looking for summer reservations at one of the most beautiful Muskoka resorts for families. The place is quite decent on the price tag, but it is always a good idea to plan and book early to get the best options available.

What is Muskoka known for?

It is located on the Ontario coast. It is actually not a single town, but a set of villages that are distinctively beautiful. This town offers mesmerizing scenic views. Every village in this town features hiking trails and breathe taking skyline of surrounding valleys. It can be the perfect destination to relax and re-energise your family in the duration of a weekend.

What is the best time to visit Muskoka?

Any time of the year is good to be at the lakefront cottages in Muskoka. However, the city boasts a humid continental climate and remains pleasantly warm for most time of the year. So, if you prefer to explore this destination on a summer weekend, it is ideal to visit between April and October. Those who prefer chilly climate can come between November and March to cherish the skyline and scenic lakes.

How to reach Muskoka?

Muskoka is situated at a convenient location and people often prefer to take a road trip to be there. Tourists can easily reach there with the help of trains, buses and taxis that are available at regular intervals.

Where to stay in Muskoka?

There are over a thousand lakes in Muskoka district. You can pick any one of them to find a rental place to live. The rustic appeal that mostly appeal tourists can be found in a cottage accommodation. There are endless options for lakeside retreat available here and most of the resorts for families in Muskoka are surprisingly affordable.

What to do in Muskoka?

This is the absolute perfect place that has something to offer to everyone in your family. You can simply soak up in the sun, or take a hiking trail or enrol yourself in any of the water activities like boating, skiing, boarding, tubing or fishing to embrace the shoreline, beaches, lakes, and rivers of this town.

Bottom Line

Your idea of a perfect long weekend getaway can be fulfilled at one of the Muskoka resorts for families. This place is an absolute must-visit to be inspired by the natural beauty, if you need help with bookings and reservations, Hidden Valley Resort might be good. They have the best lakeside amenities and now open on the latest government guidelines.

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